Ron Paul: Preserving the Rule of Law Is More Important than Bombing People

  • Maybe, but if he wins lets hope he will follow similar paths as Obama did.

  • You know who I would like to see running for president?


  • He is getting old unfortunately… Please elect him FASTER.

  • Cutting a trillion means you only add about 30% of the amount of dollars we add to the debt today. We need Paul.

  • Monumental. Germany for ron paul. The only guy i trust


  • Be socially acceptable and vote Obamney 2012!

  • He is right on the money.
    America is broke and nobody wants to admit it so they just try to keep this whole shit train rolling

  • People are waking up, albeit slowly, to how corrupt are gov’t is and finally doing something about it. Many changes need to be made and the bully tactics of those ‘in charge’ need to stop. So many ppl forget that that gov’t works for us, not the other way around. Some of us are trying REAL hard to make the correct changes.

    Been to your beautiful country BTW.

  • I’m American and I can tell you the sooner we are out of every other country the better and Ron Paul can make that happen.

  • I’m from Finland and I believe that my country is more likely to get invaded by U.S.A. than Russia. I’m not suprised that you got those “terrorist” attacks by the grounds of how your people are treating the rest of the world. I see that the Dollar likewise our Euro are going down big time without serious and drastic changes and I’m sure that your Dr. Paul can make a difference. It would be honor to have a president like Ron Paul.

  • I truly believe Ron Paul is the only one who can Beat Obama

  • How can you identify a Ron Paul supporter?
    Look for his name written on the elastic band.

  • I’m with RON. Suck it Republicrats.

  • idk about John Stossel. He says he’s a libertarian but whenever his guests question him on it, he only has weak token responses and make libertarians look like intellectual light weights. Either he’s not really a libertarian, or he’s just really bad at defending the position.

  • Wow! He is actually looking younger by the day..

  • Ron Paul has recieved more campaign contributions from active duty military than all the other republican candidates combined! He also has recieved more than Obama. He also draws the largest crowds at his rallys. The biggest reason he’s not winning is due to the lack of coverage from the corporate media, who should be covering all the candidates equally.

  • I’m republican, throwing my support to Ron Paul. Man is picking up speed in this race.

  • Paul has the message to hear!

  • The people are too stupid to elect Dr. Ron Paul and the rich and connected are too greedy to let him in. Only if this situation changes can the US escape imperialistic destruction which destroys all imperialistic nations.

  • Ron Paul has more support then Romney or Santorum yet he loses every state to either of them? Not to mention how bad Ron Paul did in some states getting only 6% in the polls while Romney or Santorum got around 30-40%. We have two possible reasons for this. A You’re lying or are misinformed and RP doesn’t have more support then the ohter candidates. B His supporters aren’t too keen on voting for him. Either way he will lose.