Ron Paul: Preserving the Rule of Law Is More Important than Bombing People

  • Look up Google Trends…media coverage counts, period.

  • Santorum? You mean the guy who ISN’T running anymore? Sweet….funny how “people” are interested in the rest of the GOP candidates yet those SAME GOP candidates can’t draw 8500 people at UC BERKELEY! In fact, I can find ONE politician that has people excited and turning out for rallies like Ron Paul…which leads me to believe the MM covers who they want at the behest of their employers. Those same employers are used to controlling the nation through “news” stories and now they are losing grip


  • You don’t say?

  • Dr. Paul will be at the University of Pittsburgh, Friday April 20 at 7PM. Soldiers and Sailors Hall on Fifth Avenue across from the Cathedral of Learning.
    Our Founding Fathers pledge “our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor”. It will take nothing less today.

  • I’m with Ron, suck it DeMOBlicans

  • im canadian and i have no idea how any of this shit works but i can just tell this guy will do good for u americans if he is elected,

  • Its made to appear as though he’s losing! Repeat a lie, long enough, often enough, people will believe it. The establishment is only reporting in the polls and on the media he is losing. Is he really losing? No! He’s winning. According to the corporate establishment its so personal they lie. Its not just buisness.

  • Also, I think Ron Paul has got plenty of air time and there is one guy, on FOX I think, who won’t shut the hell up about him. He doesn’t get equal air time because people are more interested in Romney, Santorum, and Obama. I’m sure some of it has to do with politics but most is just business.

  • I’ve heard that, but that doesn’t mean or change anything. He could have 100% support from the military(FYI he doesn’t) and he would still lose by a landslide. He draws the largest crowds? That may be but they don’t seem to do him much good when loses every state and not by a little bit either. The biggest reason he’s not winning is lack of equal media coverege? I thought he was losing because the polls are rigged? Which one is it? A coalition mayhap? cont.

  • precisely. most people that will vote for obama only vote because of party affiliation. when obama had to compete for the democratic vote he won because he promised to stop the wars, get more transparency in gov’t and stop lobbyist in congress. romney isnt that well liked by republicans, just look at the turnout of his crowds. either way both romney and obama do the bidding for goldman sac’s bank. if RP got the republican nod he would absolutely destroy obama stealing many democrat’s votes.

  • Ron Paul. Good for humanity, bad for the NWO. Peace from Norway.

  • If he wins the Republican nomination, Republicans will vote for him because they would never vote for Obama. He would also get a lot of independent voters because of his fiscal policy. He would also take a lot of votes from Obama that were there for ending the wars, which never happened and Obama actually increased. If Ron Paul wins the republican nomination, he wins the presidency. The establishment knows this and it’s why they’re trying to keep him from winning the nonimation now.

  • Sadly, i fear that he might not get enough votes and Obama will be re-elected. I don’t think Romney has a chance in hell though. But, that only adds to my point. I know alot of conservatives are afraid of Ron Paul and what he stands for, and I know they’re even more scared about his thoughts on the war on drugs and stopping prohibition.

  • Why can’t more interviewers be more like John Stossel? Ask good questions and let the guest respond.

  • Please US people, vote Ron Paul to avoid the world a catastrophic third world war.

  • He is in second place guys. We will defeat Romney and Obama.

  • Please donate to the Ron Paul money bomb going on today and through tuesday.

  • lets hope not…

  • fuck no. Obama followed horrible paths. Made bigger government and now has the authority to assassinate citizens and lock you away indefinitely. its called the national defense authorization act

  • NO UR NOT!!!