Ron Paul: Preserving the Rule of Law Is More Important than Bombing People

  • Do you know what Ron Paul stands for? Do you even know what’s going on? “Left Libertarians” are just liberals progressives trying to hide the fact. Calling Ron Paul supporters “Paultards” is just pathetic. Ignorant and pathetic.

  • You aren’t a Libertarian if you try to use the government to loot your neighbors. You’re just another POS collectivist that looks at their neighbors as a source of plunder.


    You’re just a Communist attempting to call yourself a Libertarian. You’re a Libertarian like Bill Maher is a Libertarian; the fake kind.

  • Uhhh… last I checked Ron Paul was in the Repugricat parties
    Wake up Paultards!!!!
    Only Left Libertarians want freedom for ALL!!!!!!


  • Trollllllll!!!!!

  • who can stand up to obama

  • I truly believe Ron Paul is one of uour last chances to change the world in a positive way without the need for millions of deaths…. RP4P, grtz from Holland !


  • This election is a fraudulant case of injustice anyhow, look at the media alone blocking reporting news and useing media as a tool of deciet, the moguls should be held for election manipulation as well, Treason against the constitution waters the rule of law til there is none.

  • Start back at 1913 and hold a history lesson for accountability.

  • The people should unite and release all three branches of the consent to be governed and excuse them of duty, Appoint Ron Paul Pres, and start culling those who committed treason verses those who recognize true law within the constitution, let everyone question oneself which side of justice they are on.

    • Surfisher

      “Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson could pull as much as 6% of the vote in a hypothetical three-way match-up with Mitt Romney and President Obama. Johnson began the 2012 race running for the Republican nomination but has wound up carrying the libertarian banner and could gain ballot access in several states.”

      If the above transpires, it is a certainty that Mitt will not defeat BO (with his flip-flopping, he couldn’t defeat him anyway, now this would assure it).

      So he needs to withdraw now in favor of Ron Paul!

      Ron Paul WILL become President in 2012 — IF, Romney becomes a Patriot, and forgoes his ego, for the Good of the People!

      Mitt Romney could become one of the greatest Statesmen in US History! He’d be the Savior of our Nation — the one that generations to come would tell their children: “Look at this statue, this is Mitt Romney, he saved America”!

      Or, he can reduce himself to just a tiny footnote…what is amazing is that his fate rests in his own hands (a very rare occurrence throughout the history of the world)!

      All Romney has to do, is to take advantage of this rarest of historical moments, and make a SINGLE DECISION!!!

      Withdraw his candidacy IN FAVOR of Ron Paul, with the following grandiose and heart-wrenching patriotic speech (to save his political skin):

      “I, Mitt Romney, will sacrifice my political goals for the Good of the People. Now I understand that only Ron Paul that can save our Nation. I agree with all he stands for, therefore, I have deemed that our Nation’s salvation can only be accomplished when Ron Paul is elected as President of the United States of America. Without regret, but with joy, I do the most honorable and patriotic deed I can — I withdraw myself from this election, and give my full support to Ron Paul!”

      One honest person is needed to bring these logical conclusions to Romney’s PERSONAL ATTENTION (not the myopic sycophants surrounding him and stroking his ego by chanting wishful thinking as ‘fact’: “You gonna win Boss, you gonna win Boss….).

      Regardless how egotistical, arrogant and narcissistic Romney may be, some semblance of reasoning of what’s best for him, should still remain in his skull. The instinct for self preservation dictates that even the smallest of minds will chose the path that leads to safety, not the one leading to disaster.

      An honest realist needs to talk to Romney one-on-one — and explain the following to him, so Mitt can comprehend it:

      1) If you don’t win the nomination, than your political career is over (you’ll become just a tiny footnote in US History as a failure).

      2) If you win the nomination, and don’t defeat Obama — which is the most probable outcome (you’ll become just a tiny footnote in US History as an even LARGER failure).

      Therefore, Dear Mitt, whichever gamble you take from the above, may lead to total disaster for your political career (and probably will)!

      However, here is an action you can take, Dear Mitt, that guarantees you’ll become immortalized in the annals of US History — becoming the 21st Century Savior of America (surely this carrot of success will entice Romney’s egotism to go for it — over the probable political beatings he’d receive otherwise)!

      All one needs to do, to assure Mitt’s Historical Greatness of Sacrifice for the Good of the Nation, is to present the above to Romney’s eyes alone! I urge all able to do so, to place this document in front of him!

      Send this to Mitt Romney — as an Open Letter, e-mails, etc. — the more you send, the greater the chance he’ll get to read it!

      • Surfisher

        BO is a shoo-in if Mitt is elected to run against him!

        So, concentrate to have Rmoney withdraw from the election in favor of Ron Paul.

        At this stage only Ron Paul can defeat BO — and no-one else!

  • If it doesn’t matter then why is Ron Paul trying to win them? Yes, he has failed at that task but he still tried. I’m interested to hear just how high RP’s delegate count is. Give me the numbers and a link to the website where you got it.

  • /watch?v=Mks1T72eOLA&feature=related this video confirms the election fraud

  • very true and don’t let anyone forget it

  • Your referring the the straw vote which has no bearing on the outcome. Why would we go after that vote when it doesn’t matter. We “Paulbots” as you like to call us go after the delegate count which is the vote that counts. And his delegate counts are a hell of a lot higher than the media is reporting. Mitt’s are also a lot lower than what the same media is also reporting.

  • Thomas Jefferson lives in Ron Paul. 1776 DEFEND THE REPUBLIC

  • Wish there were more people like you living here thanks

  • robin

    Please sign this petition and spread the word to get a debate in Texas between the three remaining candidates.

  • I’m kinda pissed. RP is going to be in Pittsburgh this Friday. I have tickets but have to work that night. If I can call off I will, but I’ll be losing dough. Worth it.

  • First, I doubt he has the support of most active duty. Second, it wouldn’t change anything if he did have a majority of their support. Your Messiah has already lost.

  • He only has support from the people ACTUALLY fighting….