Ron Paul: Preserving the Rule of Law Is More Important than Bombing People

  • Lol! You people are like the Obamanites. They went around blaming racism when Obama didn’t win a state while Ron Paul fanatics scream voter fraud when their Messiah loses a state. Ron Paul doesn’t stand a chance against Obama. Do the math. If Romney or Santorum have more support then Ron Paul and Obama has more support then either of them then he clearly has alot more support then Ron Paul.

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  • Ha Ha… I used to not like John Stossel and forgot why but in rewatching this clip now I know why. He says “I spent years as a consumer reporter calling for government to prevent rip offs and pass regulation. It took me 20 years to realize that does more harm than good…”. Well, I think that within the last ten years or so and in the Bush/Obama era a lot of us have started seeing things much differently. I just hope it’s none to late.

  • balance the budget in 30 years guaranties most if not all of the people in power will have passed on leaving our children to fix there destruction of the american people . bye that time i am sure all of us will be living on bugs and weeds .

  • the fed don’t like him= no electable

  • Two words: voter fraud

  • Ron Paul for President or No President at all!!!


  • I wasn’t implying the job would kill him. What I meant is the powers that be, the ones who are actually making the calls as to what goes on, won’t allow him to implement his plan for a better America. He will probably die of a heart attack, but it won’t be because he has a bad heart, THEY will kill him, but then they would have to deal with Jesse. America, VOTE RON PAUL/JESSE VENTURA, PLEASE

  • I wonder when the general public will realize the elections are all fraud, and there is no difference between repub and demo.

  • robin

    We used to be extreme environmentalists until we learned about UN Agenda 21, and now we are talking about it with our local officials. They have a foothold in our community as they have across America. It all seems so benign on the surface until you realize that it is about social engineering and fulfilling the globalist agenda. Five years ago, they had public forums on poverty that we participated in and our older son helped to facilitate, but in the end, instead of solutions to this problem, they had someone come from Australia of all places to talk about community planning(social engineering))=nothing about what we had discussed over the past few months. We didn’t realize then, what we do now.

  • upload the full interview no cuts please.

  • the day one thinks they have stoped growing as a person is the day one stops living.

  • America is orientating forward bankruptcy without Ron Paul.
    Spending and bailouts have been expending .
    What a blatant corruption!

  • COME TO THE PHILADELPHIA PHREEDOM RALLY Sunday April 22nd 1pm. Let’s make it the biggest rally yet! YES, Ron Paul will be there and will give a speech.

  • MadPepperJack

    I think the liberals, leftists, or whatever you want to call them in California that are purportedly only wooed by Ron Paul’s anti-war message should consider this at a different angle. There’s only one thing worse than a president that is a “conservative social Darwinist” who doesn’t care about the sick/elderly/etc. And that would be a president that pretends to be, but every piece of “reform” they make actually ends up making matters worse and if not, profiting the insurance and drug companies.

    If you look at the environmental issues as well, the energy grids are strapped as it is. There have been brownouts and failures in some places due to stress, and people have died to that. Then you look at what it’s done to jobs. Not ONLY are wages overseas in 3rd world counties and places like China and India far cheaper, but the ENERGY COSTS as well because they don’t have all this carbon tax shoved down their throats. It’s yet another reason jobs vacate the US and go overseas, and why companies here in the US STILL cannot compete with them even counting the shipping costs and tariffs.

    I realize when it comes to environmental issues that it’s just a waste donating to your typical “charity”. One, such as Environment New Mexico seems to spend most of its effort lobbying, spamming emails and phone calls, and shutting down practically every industrial endeavor. I’ve come to realize all their efforts have been completely counterproductive and hurtful to society. What they SHOULD have just done was generate as much green energy as they could with their donations and try to make that more affordable or give away modules they might make. But instead, all the money I gave them seemed to have gone down the drain and is probably funding Obama…

  • Time to wake up to the grim truth about America people. Our corporate leaders with the help of the mainstream media have been working against us for so long. We need a hundred Ron Pauls to get this ship turned around. I love my country and hold out hope for her but, I’m afraid it’s far too late. I hope I’m so wrong. I really do.

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  • Christ the stupidity of some Americans..

    ‘Ohhh maybe Ron Paul won’t win, we should vote Romney, just so we get a Republican in.’

    If they can’t see the stupidity in that idea, they deserve the shit storm coming their way should Romney get into office.

    It’s either Paul, or the same old shit.. Take your fucking pick.

  • who put in the laugh track?

  • I always enjoy watching Stossel, he seems genuine