Ron Paul: Romney Needs My Support If He Wants to Beat Obama

  • Wake the Fuck Up America! You are going to elect another fucking moron to run for president! We as Americans look like fucking morons everytime we do this stupid shit. Im sorry but two names now of two guys who look nothing like their name sounds which represents the hipocracy in that. Obama(Sounds Middle Eastern) is a black guy and Mitt Romney(sounds Idian) is a white guy

  • Alright then. It’s a jab at clear comparison through cognitive metaphor.

  • Bjo

    Or maybe Romney is the worst candidate in the race, who will destroy USA and this Obama is lesser evil. Maybe he does not deserve for support.

  • Ron Paul scares the media and the politicians with INTEGRITY, they are really scared so they shun him off.



    which side are you on WHAT WOULD YOU DO FIRST

    Ron Paul bankrupt the USA and end our civil rights replaced with 1 world currency


    with 90% of Americans



  • Romney/Paul. It’s not settling. Ok, it’s settling. But Ron Paul needs to play a significant roll in the white house for anything good to come out of it.

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  • In it to win it!

  • “…to correct inefficiencies.” That is a measure of control, and certainly a great one at that when you consider the size of the global economy. It’s interventionism at it’s worst. Now, what I was saying about fiat: If there is no standard on which to base the currency, then that lack of standard will be taken advantage of through printing new fiat based on nothing. A standard, like the gold standard, is simply a form of check and balance. It protects from…haha RUNAWAY power.

  • Correct, the only reason our Dollar is worth anything at all is because it’s used in overseas trading, thats it there’s nothing to back it except that. And with more and more countries talking about not using the dollar anymore, (China has already started pulling out) well lets just say the great depression will be thought of as day camp.

  • No, keynesian economics adovocates a dominant private sector economy, with government fiscal and monetary policy to correct inefficiencies. I don’t get your point about fiat currency at all. Educate me please.

  • Keynesian economics embodies an expedition into controlling economy – that was the entire point of it. It’s not absolute control down to the finest details, but it’s certainly an attempt at greater control. It’s a fairy tale way of thinking about variables we can’t predict. On to fiat currency…christ, need I say more? When you don’t set a standard, no standard is adhered to. Simple. We need a standard for our currency, because the lack of it will be taken advantage of.

  • Is there substantial evidence to corroborate this claim?

  • Yes, and It goes even deeper than that The FED is directly tied in with England’s central bank, again all the same families. The reality is we’ve never really left England’s rule because of 3 attempts at a central bank in this country. The third being the FED.

  • Monetary policy is not controlling the economy, its based on Keynesian economics which states that inflationary gaps in the economy should be met with contractionary monetary policies, vice versa. Whether the fed has been successful is another matter, up to economists. I would very much like to hear what you have to say about fiat money, thanks.

  • The economy is far too complex for any man, or group of men, to control from inside a marble palace. You can prosecute people and corporations for wrong doing, but beyond that, government cannot attempt to dictate the course of an economy, and when it does, it always ends up doing favors for the aristocracy, and generally making things worse. And don’t even get me started on printing fiat currency.

  • So the current Fed chair is a descendant of a long line of central bankers?

  • They will, they will. Ron Paul won Colorado today, and looks on track to sweep the delegates in Minnesota. Washington State, Maine, Iowa, Nevada should follow suit, and from there it will be chaos. Ron Paul will win. There’s too much at stake for evil to beat good again. Good always wins when it’s on the ropes.

  • That is the current Fed that is established. Its run by the same families since back then and even before that. The people that control it never left power.