Ron Paul: I Can Still Win This Thing!

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  • Okay friends ! I hope it’s true.
    I like his message a lot.

  • ron paul didnt appear from a magicians hat.!!
    hes been saying the same things since obama was in nappys enjoying the kenyan sun !.


  • The GOP has stated that Mitt was not their real choice, but Mitt will do what we ask. The voice of the people no longer matter. We the international corporations and banks own this country, and we can put an actor in office if we want. We chose a liar this time. You American citizens think that your vote counts. LOL. Resistance is futile.

  • I hope so. The Americans deserve a good president. Whenever they elect one that speaks the truth he’s killed by the 1% (Kennedy, for example).

  • Yes. Ron Paul is a doctor, if they kill a baby in front of him, he won’t give in.

  • first of all the idea that the Ron Paul campaign ” deserves a little more media coverage” is a massive under statement. Second of all id have to say Ron Paul is an eternal optimist. Unless he knows something we don’t…

  • Are you sure? Remember how Obama was praised to the High Heavens? Now he turned out to be worse than that scum-sucking president George W. Bush!

  • Meantime, the Establishment wouldn’t let Ron Paul be recognized. Ron Paul challenges their set up and it is because he cannot be bought, nor intimidated, so far..

  • It just seems strange that he would get more people showing up to his rallies than he gets votes.

  • I don’t like the notion that these kids coming to the rallies are not actually voting in the primaries. What the fuck is that?

  • ha i think its both, the liking of a candidate and a little voter fraud thrown in there.

  • It’s truly depressing, when we all end up jobless and homeless, perhaps living in some labor camp. Ron Paul won’t let that happen.

  • It’s because Ron Paul supporters actually like their candidate enough to show up at a rally. People who vote for Romney do it cause they think he’s the only one who’s got a chance, even though they don’t actually like him.

  • Ron has to know that if he is not nominated that we will all still vote for him for president. And there are a lot more of us that Obamney wishes there were. πŸ˜‰

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  • More psycological games by the media. They feed you Santorum and Romney and basicly most Americans are followers. And also some dumb fuckers going to the votingboots to tell them to vote for romney.

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  • When a state tried to curb some trade union benefits, 180,000 went out to protest. Working republicans do not like free-market competition. What to expect from affirmative-action recipients and progressives.

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