Ron Paul: I Can Still Win This Thing!

  • Noticed your response on the Iowa Primimary was removed.

    What’s wrong? Spoke before you looked up the ACTUAL numbers did we?

  • Only took Iowa because Santourm dropped out? Where do you get your info from?

    We won half the delagates, all Paul supporters. We will probably be getting more than what was reported yesterday because of Santorum dropping out, some might vote for Paul.

    If your going to argue at least have FACTS to back you up, you’re lying!

  • oh you are for Romney, you should probably just go away now

  • what are your reasons for believing that? He is the only honest candidate that isnt afraid to speak about our failures head on. you are a blind fool if you are falling for Romney or Obama

  • Ron Paul just won Minnesota”

    Oh, the state that voted in that blowhard, Jesse Ventura? Really, why are you bragging?

    And you only took Iowa because Santorum dropped out, don’t even try to argue otherwise.

    Ron Paul is a hypocrite, preaches constitutionality, but is himself a life-long politician, the very thing James Madison stood against, and advocated term limits in order to prevent.

    The moral of Cincinnatus is apparently dead, even among Libertarians. F*cking sell outs.

  • There she blows!.

  • Ron Paul gets 5000+ crowds at his speeches.”

    And he gets some with 150, and Gingergich has had ones where 1000s attended.

    Do not play shell games, how many people turn out for a rally is hardly representative of how many ACTUAL supporters exist, that only means there’s a die-hard fanbase.

    That you would misrepresent the candidates this way makes you no better than Obama.

    And no, I’m not Gingerich supporter, nor was I ever, I’m just tired of you people LYING to fudge Ron Paul’s support.

  • ROMNEY 2012!

    Better a businessman than conman.


  • Ron Paul is the only one that doesnt act super shady or fake, he’s the most honest, and fairest guy in the race…and he pulls bitches… ;D

  • 150!!!! wow I went to UCLA to see Ron Paul..150 is

  • i have never seen anyone say “Romney 2012!”…..weird..seriously’s he winning…

  • Gingrich had 150 people at his last speech and will be announcing the end of his campaign soon. Ron Paul gets 5000+ crowds at his speeches.

    Get off the t.v. and you might be more informed.

  • Wow, you are pretty stupid haha. Do me a favor and Google ‘Republican Primaries’ and tell me how many of them Gingrich came in second. Then Google ‘Newt Gingrich’. Tell me what you find.

  • Republicans: like to kill people in wars of aggression; spend lots of money

    Democrats: like to kill people covertly and sometimes overtly; spend lots of money

    Ron Paul: leave people alone and spend as little as possible

  • Thank you for calling me a Paultard. I love it! It’s better than knowing you are a shittard like those who vote for Obama or Romney. Ron Paul just won Minnesota and Iowa without your dirty media’s help. Go watch some more Fox, ABC, NBC, CNN or whatever other media you loser brainwashed slaves watch.

  • Whatever, paultard. Keep in mind your guy is way behind Gingrich, lol.

  • Whatever, paultard. Keep in mind your guy is way behind Gingrich, lol.

  • Duh, that’s why I would vote for Ron Paul.

  • Obama and Petreaus, like Romney would never abide by the constitution and believe that Congress only exists for ceremonial purposes. You must be joking if you think their word means anything. I am ROFLMAO at your comment.

  • Mitt Romney is just another version of George W. Bush.