Ron Paul: I’ll Be the First President to Repeal 40,000 Laws

  • the revolution is alive and well

  • And lastly for now, we have 100 times the firepower NK has currently aimed at them ready to fire. If NK dared to make a move, with the snap of a finger the President could order the threat to be eliminated within seconds without a preemptive strike. According to the logic his supporters have labeled him with, Ron Paul would order nothing done until war was declared, which by then would be much too late. SK is a long time and loyal ally, to allow them to be destroyed would be a bad move.


  • France is turning Nationalist which will be the end of the EU.
    The UKIP party is gaining sway (slow process but happening)
    And America might be electing Ron Paul!


  • I understand that as a Ron Paul supporter of such a degree, you must accept some idealistic principles. However, against a suddenly enraged country that is extremely backwards in its military usage such as NK, safety for ourselves, our soldiers, and our allies should take precedence over red tape that can be easily and Constitutionally bypassed. The founding fathers thankfully knew that Congress could be too slow to decide in an emergency situation, so they acted accordingly.

  • M.A.D protects us from nuclear war with those countries. We cannot be assured that NK is concerned about that though. Most countries are in the process of reducing their nuclear weaponry, China abides by a strict no first use policy. Russia has been reducing its arsenal. NK is ambitious about growing its arsenal. This says a lot about their lack of restraint. Please friend, I encourage you to take a look at your own post before you accuse another of not thinking something through.

  • You give me the idea that perhaps you are actually the child. Either that, or you don’t know much about the Constitution. The Constitution does not forbid the President from having control of the military, does it? I refuted the previous person’s statement that RP will wait for a declaration of war before he does anything. He can be Constitutional and still use the military before war is declared. The founding fathers devised this in the situation of a hung congress, which is very possible.

  • I suppose if I am a kid for accepting a possibility, then call me a kid. Most of America shares my concern so they must be kids as well. Unfortunately, you’re saying things I never said. Please, quote me on where I said we should attack NK first. I was saying that if NK did decide to attack SK, should we wait for congress’s go ahead or allow NK to wipe SK off the planet? IF RP wishes to wait for congress to declare war before he does anything at all to defend our allies, we’ll have 1 less ally.

  • Just taking the logic your using a bit further.. what prevents other Countries from attacking us.. We by far have been the most aggressive nation in the world over the last decade. Let’s say Russia, China and others decide to attack the US? I’m just asking you to really look at what you posted there. I really hope your a kid, I could at least breathe a sigh of relief that this isn’t an adult speaking.

  • lol…you are about as smart as a bag of hammers….bringing a knife to a gun fight….silly fascist.

  • This entire statement lacks any kind of common sense. Your indicating that we should proactively attack North Korea because they “might” attack us. By this logic, you could offer a genuine argument to attack anyone. Why not Russia, China.. the UK, or any other country? Sounds like there’d always be an excuse for war.. which explains alot about our foreign policy over recent years. That red tape is the law of the land and no president or anyone should be able to bypass it. Move to Cuba.

  • Ron Paul. the first 40K president.

  • For all RP supporters: RP is by no means flawless. It’s ignorant to attack anyone who points out legitimate flaws within his reasoning. Everything has a trade off, and i guarantee that many of RP’s decisions will have some negative impacts. Try going a day without making a decision that has at least some negative impacts yourself.

  • It’s obvious you love him or you wouldn’t be here posting over and over and over.

  • ☑? First they ignore you (Pre-2007).
    ☑ Then they laugh at you? (2007-2008).
    ☑ Then they fight you (2008-2011).
    ☐ Then you win (2012-?) with YOUR help!

  • And with nuclear war between NK and SK a threat, a President who wants to wait for everything to be approved will not be able to react fast enough to such a threat that requires very quick action.

  • I love how a civilized observation is hidden and negatively voted by the “champions of freedom”. Goes to show RP has his fair share of sheep followers as well. Anyways, do you really think that if NK has nukes, they’ll give the US time to go through the process of declaring war before using them? We need a President who can and will bypass red tape. NK cannot wait to use their nukes as soon as they get them operational. With our dysfunctional Congress, declaring war could take forever.


  • No, but you can go f*** yourself!