Ron Paul: I’ll Be the First President to Repeal 40,000 Laws

  • Just because it’s not moving forward quickly in terms of economics, but it’s naive to assume that all economic problems will go away overnight… but area’s such as equal rights, scientific advancement, etc. are moving forward…

    Yes, I want to end wars, but in order to do that we have to stop fighting each other over trivial matters, and our Constitution, while being the law of land, is not infallible… nor is it unchangeable, hence why their have been 17 amendments since the first 10.

  • lol Ron Paul isn’t 3rd party Ron Paul is 1st party

  • our generation had a chance to stand up for ourselves for once by getting out there and voting for Ron Paul, but nope, the baby boomers still rule over us, they never retire, they never die, and they sold us off for their own benefit

    it’s so sad…


  • Damn like that? I hope he wins but i live in reality. To many dumb sheep.

  • Only Ron Paul we can trust america!!!!

  • open your mind and rest will follow come on people we are color blind dont be so shallow

  • they have been to dishonest presidential candidates. So a honest presidential candidate is a shock to the system.

  • A vote for Romney is two votes for Obama or Obamney

  • Surly won’t be the first President the CIA assassinated. Boy are Americans gullible

  • How are the current candidates moving the US forward? I’ts on the verge of collapse and they want to continue on the same path, that is not moving forward. Ending the wars and abiding by our constitution is.

  • Amen!
    Your comments are to the point and so true! Let us all not give up the battle to see this victory to the end.

  • Love the guy thats commentating

  • He’s honest, hard working and makes sense and for some reason people don’t like him

  • I hope this guy gets elected and he actually does these things. then maybe I won’t be so afraid of the direction of our southern neighbors. Being Canadian here. Been keeping track of the oxymoronic war on terror, good to know some of the leaders in U.S.America make sense. Though, I’d be curious if there are any ideas of his which could also work towards fixing the U.N., since it’s pretty fracked up; though not strictly the U.S.A.’s concern/power to do so, but if going for the liberty thing..

  • Indeed.

  • People. Please wake up.

    Obama and Romney both receive donations from large multi-billion dollar corporations, super-PACS, and Wall Street.
    Ron Paul receives the most funding from our own military.
    If you’re tired of the status-quo of continuous lies and deficit-spending from our politicians, I suggest you vote for Ron Paul in 2012 and join THE REVOLUTION to save America!

  • When did people stop believing in the rule of law and true justice? When did the common man forget that the Constitution is there to protect them. How can the ends justify the means?

  • I can’t see you… there’s a lot of people there! 😛

  • I don’t believe in that whole NWO crap anymore… however, assuming it does exist… I wouldn’t say moving forward with it, but rather moving forward, in that we should progress forward in terms of humanity, technologically, and so on… not peddle archaic principles, ideologies, etc.

    I’m all for alternative more efficient energies, solar, wind, etc. rather than the burning of fossil fuels, drilling for oil, etc.