Ron Paul: I’ll Be the First President to Repeal 40,000 Laws

  • Ron Paul. You can do it, slap Romney Care in the ash.


  • When You vote Obama/Romney, You are voting in support of the new world order.

    When You vote Ron Paul, You are voting for the global fucking take down of the new world order.

  • Can’t stand that guy’s laugh.

  • I’m so proud of him he’s really making a genuine image and not acepting the typical role of current politicians. Revolution=Ron Paul 2012 Lets Make History!

  • they…

  • well for 1 every body seems to think obama and that mitt guy r the only runners left they

  • if I didn’t agree with 100% of what your friend is talking about [to the videographer] I would be upset at the chatting during the speech.



  • If Ron Paul vetoed every single bill that tried to pass without 2/3 majority, he would be the greatest president ever. He would repeal every executive order that’s idiotic, and he would veto every unbalanced budget. For four years you would not be able to borrow money and thus cannot go to war (because you can’t fund it).

    He would also pardon every criminal that doesn’t deserve to be imprisoned. It would be a glorious 4 years of liberty. Can you handle it?

  • … I can’t tell you how many people I’ve talked to, from Canada, Europe, and other countries, that cringe at our way of doing things… especially when it comes to healthcare… and I can’t tell you how many people I know, who want to leave this country to pursue a college degree in another country, because it’s cheaper…

  • I work on computers… I live comfortably maybe not compared to the top 1% or other rich individuals, but I wouldn’t say I’m living terribly… not really, but college costs are putting me in a slight bind, which is why I want college to be socialized like some European countries do with higher education… I wouldn’t say he’s done anything huge, and just because he’s not a “miracle” worker, doesn’t mean he hasn’t done a few things, like making healthcare more affordable, or tried to anyway…

  • this is real history in the making. all and any youth watching this ,god bless you . never stop fighting for FREEDOM ever !!!!!!!!!!

  • also how many people showed up here?

  • For the love of God vote for this man. Why won’t you vote for him???

  • Well, let me ask you something first. What do you do for a living? Do you work hard? Are you living comfortably? or struggling to get by? What has Obama done which has benefited you significantly?

    I apologize if you feel my questions are invasive. I am just trying to understand your perspective better.

  • everyone in the crowd is a gun owner big time !! rather than restore liberty aka permission to have temporary freedom to go to shore from your “ship” lets restore total freedom

  • need subtitles! I don’t want to miss out on this

  • mosssad not muslims did 9/11/01

  • I see a lot of posts that say that they hope he wins but won’t. I hope these people vote for him anyway because he won’t win if EVERYONE thinks this and votes the other way.