Ron Paul: I’ll Be the First President to Repeal 40,000 Laws

  • Isn’t it even more impractical to say this is the nation’s law, if you don’t like it go to another country?

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    He says it’s a “just a theory,” clearly RP doesn’t know the meaning of the word “theory” in a scientific context… which is sad, since he is a Doctor, correct? A doctor is a scientist, as a scientist is in a broad sense, one engaging in a systematic activity to acquire knowledge.

    Well I don’t, it seems stupid to let states determine who gets what, in terms of laws, etc… and it’s impractical to make it to where people have to move in order to get rights…

  • videos great. can you limit the cheezy comments next time?

  • Can you site the source for the “intelligent design” thing? I’ve watched just about everything I can find that Ron Paul has ever said and I’ve never seen that.

    As far as the states rights issue, I personally think that makes it better that you can have the option of going to a different state if you don’t agree with the law in yours, rather than having an overarching law that you don’t agree with and you can’t get away from without leaving the country.


  • To get Ron Paul elected have Paul reverse his stance on a safe and legal abortion. Without the women vote he will not win and we are not behind him now. He stated that in the case of rape it is a tough call. We were watching. If Ron Paul stands up for women’s right to choose what to do with their own body than you will see a huge change in press and people. It is this issue which is causing Paul the biggest problem. He wants to give us liberty but still put the government in our our bodies.

  • House Passes CISPA: Red Alert!


  • I appreciate this commentary and agree completely. We are responsible for holding our politicians feet to the fire and a failure to do so leads to the situation we have today. I apologize if I misread your concerns as a blatant misrepresentation of Paul. There is much of that.

  • Term limits will go a long way to stop all this spending on wars…

  • Likewise, I mean seriously who’s giving the speech here?

  • Neocons fear the libertarians are hijacking the party and yet they hijacked it. Yet they ruined what Republicans stood for.

  • now thats what I CALL REAL CHANGE ! RON PAUL 2012!!

  • RON PAUL won Iowa although he faced Massive fraud.
    We can defeat those gangsters.
    Never give Up till last second in this fighting.
    Freeze their blood in their veins .
    Vote for RON Paul Vote for your future.

  • you couldn’t have pin pointed the issues any more than that 😀

    Ron Paul 2012

  • I kinda wish the people around the camera would just shut up and listen…

  • The reason the establishment doesn’t like Ron Paul, is because he’s exposing them, he’s telling on them,he’s revealing what their intentions are, he’s the guy pulling up the curtain that they are hiding behind
    …and they don’t like that! …and all he is doing is telling the truth.
    We are broke,our wars are a racket, the Fed is destroying our currency, the Congress is
    ripping us off,the threat of terrorism has been exaggerated.
    It’s not Reps vs Dems, it’s Globalism vs American sovereignty.

  • 🙂

  • Don’t let the NOMINATION BE STOLEN from Ron Paul, the true GOP frontrunner!

  • Don’t let the NOMINATION BE STOLEN from Ron Paul, the true GOP frontrunner!

  • ron paul is my president

  • Ron Paul. You can do it, slap Romney Care in the ash.