Ron Paul: I’ll Be the First President to Repeal 40,000 Laws

  • The illuminatey don’t exist you retarded fuck. You wake up.

    wake up americans they are slowly stripping you of your rights. WAKE UP!!!!!!


  • to bad it never going to happen

  • to bad it never going to happen

  • Ron Paul is teh illuminatey candidate. WAKE UP SHEEP!!

  • Everyone change your wireless router signal name to RON PAUL 2012! Good idea?

  • For everyone saying “RON PAUL 2012” just make sure you actually get your asses out and vote!!! I have too much respect for this man. Little old man but big fucking balls.

  • Romney should be put in jail for cheating. We should put all those people who manage the Iowa. They cheated on that one.

  • yes the holy one is speaking, they should be executed with a golden sword for their disrespect.


    Ron Paul warns of a coming false flag!!


  • Sorry for the spelling errors lol

  • He will be president. If you think this country is run by evil people that we voted in maybe you should do something about it. I mean other than complaining, taking about how someone like Ron Paul would never win or just bring an ass cuz you feel like going against something people like and believe in. if you don’t think a change can be made you are a coward. Truth.

  • My thoughts exactly!

  • Well, I don’t think a speed limit should be a competition… nor anything else, only businesses should have competition.

    Well, California doesn’t allow same sex marriage, it did, but then Prop 8 came along… however, I don’t think ones right to get married should be put to a vote… so I think marriage laws should all be on a federal law… which is why I support RFMA, in place of DOMA…

    At present, I’d try to pick a state that’s equally balanced with equality and affordable to live in…

  • Why do you have to memorize the limit? It’s posted for you right there on the sign. I get your point, though. I’m still inclined, however, to think that competition between the states would be a good thing. Then you could weigh the pros and cons of living in a state to decide if you want to move there.
    E.g.: I want to live somewhere sunny and on the coast. Do I go to FL and deal with their ban or gay marriage, or do I go to CA where same sex marriage is cool but I have to pay a little more?

  • would he also give everyone ice cream?!?! :O

  • You will never be President, SHOCKER!

  • Another Run for Freedom!! Ron Paul 2012 !!!

  • But the scientific community uses the word theory correctly, not in it’s generalized meaning, like most people, including Ron Paul… a scientific theory is a body of knowledge, that is supportive of, and explanative of facts. Scientific laws are included within a theory, facts are included within a theory, that’s why you have the theory of evolution, the theory of gravity, the theory of relativity.

  • Evolution is a fact, the theory of evolution is attempting to explain how it occurs, not if it does or doesn’t… we know evolution occurs, thanks to genetics.