Ron Paul Stays in the Race & Attracts Thousands of Supporters!

  • By popular vote yes but Romney somehow qualified for more delegates.

  • This movement has to rock the nation alot harder then Obama could of only dreamed of! awesome to see this happening! Ron Paul For American Justice!!!


  • We’re down to two evils and one good and unfortunately most voters today care more about party celebrity values rather than american values.

  • Greeks for Ron Paul!!!


  • ?????? He ran as a Libertarian ONCE!!!!!

  • he has won no primaries? didnt he win the virgin islands?

  • Austrians for Ron Paul!!!

  • Brazillians for Ron Paul!

  • Always nice to see smaller news networks actually doing their job.

    Ron Paul!

  • The city I live in, our mayor, works at the local grocery store. We have a wonderful community by the way.
    If they stay by the little man they will always defend the little man.

  • Love for Ron Paul from Tanzania. Freedom is popular. The Revolution is worldwide !

    I cannot believe he was on a msm station, and they didn’t bash him.
    WE WILL WRITE HIM IN…AND he will win!!

  • vote for RON PAUL . end arab and asia colonization

    regards from Indonesia

  • That’s a great way to get a group of people to see and support your point of view, start by calling them “dumbasses”.

  • Haha that’s brilliant!

  • r you shitting me. gary johnson is not more pop than ron paul

  • I know we are being lied to but the ONLY way that this man is not winning is if all of these supporters who show up, are simply not voting. But I don’t see these people waiting in these long lines and then not casting their votes.

  • should run as independant

  • Any of u dumbasses thinking of writing in dr paul, don’t because the mainstream of voters ovbously won’t, our best hope is gary johnson, its now about getting dr paul in office its about a freedom lover in office