Ron Paul Stays in the Race & Attracts Thousands of Supporters!

  • RP 2012.. Romney is a joke.. if we don’t want Ron Paul!!!


  • These media (Fake) news stations need to be taken off the air the scheme is up!

  • RON PAUL IS OBAMA!! There aliens from a planet in the Orion belt! There taking over! RUN!! VOTE ROMNEY!

  • Thanks, I was going to point that out as well.

  • “there is no governmental sponsorship of business in the USA”
    That statement is asinine. What, subsidies don’t exist?
    No business has ever been bailed out?
    There exist no tax loopholes for well-connected businesses?

    I think that ultimately one only realize that corporatism and big government go hand in hand. Economies of scale generally prevent massive multi-nationals from existing w/o government interference.

  • Fuck yeah, Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who can bring America back to Liberty, and restore the Constituion and end the FED. and stop all the trade deals that bring all these immgrants in and taking all the jobs from REAL Americans!

    Vote 4 Liberty, vote 4 Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!!!!

  • The Ron Paul supporters in my town are standing outside the post office handing out literature and dvd’s 5 days a week. This is something I’ve never seen before, and for the local media to not even mention a presidential candidate is very concerning.

  • Hong Kong for Ron Paul!


  • “Despite tonights crowds, he’s yet to gain any traction” He WON Minnesota.

  • Vote Ron Paul. Do not vote any other republican nominee because of fear. Vote true and trust in the rest of America to do the same!

  • Sorry, but there is no governmental sponsorship of business in the USA, it’s a matter of business sponsorship of government. Big Business OWNS the Government, all Houses and Private Alphabet Gangs like the TSA, FBI, CIA, DHS, FEMA etc etc

    Best to take another look and see who’s running what and you’ll see you don’t have choice or a vote or a say in anything. They do and only them.

    The Revolution failed. Perhaps it’s Time for a new one?

  • Ron Paul. The republican machine has stole every election…think alaska as latest republican theft….
    Live free or die…Ron Paul or no one!

  • “He’s ran as a libertarian several times”….whattttt??? He only ran once as one

  • Ron Paul really speaks on behalf of the REAL people, that’s why he got such great supporters! I love this man, a living legend, a true hero, champion of the constitution!

  • Ron Paul Or Nothing

  • You either disapprove of or fail to see the big picture which I am alluding to. Mankind deserves to be free, and as far as my being an “anarchist”, I have no affiliation with such groups. However, I understand completely that attaching labels to those whom one disagrees with is a common knee-jerk practice among groupthink followers, especially of political and religious groups. Not being a follower yet doing ones own thinking, in todays world, is a horrible place to find oneself…believe me.

  • We will NOT vote for Romney if he is the nominee! Ron Paul or revolt. That is all.

  • Dw im not a complete imbocile like alot of people, i have heard of him and watch his subcribed videos. Nigel Farrage is great, especially talking in the EU & i agree with him on the EU crisis & the extradition of Christopher Tappin. He also wants to bring Britains culture back, great. But he doesnt talk about fiat money or the wars. Strange though isnt it, people moaning we cant extradite Abu Qatarda, well Vote Nigel Farrage then. Even though weve always been taught not to become like our enemy.

  • You’re reading WAY TOO MUCH into the statement of support for Ron Paul. Shit! Take a chill pill Mr anarchist!