Ron Paul Stays in the Race & Attracts Thousands of Supporters!

  • If Ron Paul doesnt win you are rigged. And if that happens , the elite control the media ( they own all big studio’s), the internet thrue CISPA ( they can monitor everything on the internet without any restrictions), money printing thrue Federal reserve, the pharmaceutical thrue Obama care ( in the bill it says you have to take what the doctor tells you or no healthcare) and the army thrue the NDAA. YOU ARE FUCKED AMERICA AND SO ARE WE!


  • Reporters always seem to look to interview the weird looking RP supporters. I’m sure that guy is nice and liberty minded and he spoke well, but his looks are not “normal”. I wish the media would grow up and do their job of reporting without bias. The studio reporters were fine, enthusiastic even, but that decision to put the odd-looking guy on screen undermines it.

  • watch?v=6RrEL7emqfk You stupid slow fuckers put the weekly update

  • what does that even have to do with anything? nobody uses their money wisely anyways and eventually nobody is gunna even have money if there arent some big time changes soon and Ron probably knows that so people better use what they got soon and wisely.

  • the supporter was the creepiest, stupid media!

  • Pffff-AHAHAHA AHAHAHAHAHAHA aha-aha-ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    ……good one

  • It seems a bit fishy that when I do a search for Ron Paul on Google and then try to log into my YouTube account from that search, my login is denied… But when I go off my RP search and login directly into Youtube, my login is goes through. And I use Robo form to fill in my login info. MMM… WTF YouTube!!! You not like people searching for Ron Paul?? This once was a country by the people for the people… Now it is a country by the Banks and Corporations for the Banks and corporations…

  • Not to prove you wrong, but rather an out of intrigue into the intricacy of the English language I double checked that. The definition of both is 1) Two or 2) More than one. The rule of word usage I found says that it is necessary to only use the word both when speaking about two things, and if you are talking about three or more you should use the word each. =/
    I just love the English language. It has many a strange rules and exceptions. =]

  • I have run in a marathon but my time STINKS. I run for fun and any charity.

    Google Peter Joyce Lady Diana Phil Spector Jane Bowell Jeff Fisher

    Make this all VIRAL!

    Google Jeff Fisher Al Gore Freedom

    By the way I think NYC owes Plexico an apology for sending him to prison.
    By the way I think the woman from Tennessee should have had her charges dismissed, not just dropped to a misdermeanor. Its called the Second Amendment
    Its a U.S. Amendment

    Google Democrat Jeff Fisher World Peace

  • Please read my comments below

  • “Both” is a correlative conjunction. Despite being loaded on cold medicine I was still correct in my grammatical usage of the word. For the record, that would have been some really good snark. 🙂

  • bitly/ JqKGXH
    Ron paul about CISPA

  • When will this Ron Paul guy wake up and realize that the majority of Americans want to live in a police state dictatorship with total surveillance? We like it. As long as we get plenty of football and pop music and video games and celebrity gossip we are satisfied. We don’t mind going to prison. We can watch TV and take prescription drugs there. Freedom is old-fashioned. Who needs it?

  • it doesnt matter what he runs as he has been right for 30 years and he is right now better than anything ive seen running in my lifetime and im 45

  • it doesnt matter what he runs as he has been right for 30 years and he is right now better than anything ive seen running in my lifetime and im 45

  • Lets talk about the google of Ron Paul with Jeff Bootstraps Fisher
    Lets talk about the Google of BayPoint School and its Direct Connection to AIPAC
    Start with a Google of AL Gore Jeff Fisher World Peace and make it go VIRAL

  • He ran as a Libertarian once lady, not “several times”. Research before you report.

  • REAL people support Ron Paul, but half of Romney’s votes were bought and paid for by MONEY

  • why is it that the only positives for romney is the media and tv. but then i go on the internet and his videos are negative like’s and only hate towards him. and their’s no negative’s for ron paul or his video’s and then the oppisite for the tv and media. piss’s me off. the people are for Paul!!!!!!!! Ron Paul for REAL change.

  • I like Ron Paul he is most smart man so far in USA . He is a only one who can bring USA back on track in many ways but one thing i do not agree with you about immigration. many legal immigration came to USA to devote their talent and knowledge and work very hard. This is USA good system to do this fantastic job but on the other hand i do against illegal immigration here in USA.