Ron Paul Stays in the Race & Attracts Thousands of Supporters!

  • haha,that was awesome 😉

  • Its a confusing process, but in reality hes not. If you logical think about, they are lying to us about Romney delegate count.

    But in reality, 200 Romney unbound delegates they are counting, are most likely Ron Paul supporters who would vote for Ron Paul at the convention

  • “Serveral times” Lol she prob knows he only ran once as Lib

  • Holy crap– a positive truthful report on local news.

  • The thing is rigged, he gets more people in stadiums then in voting booths? I’ve met ron paul supporters in IL, but he lost so badly. Didn’t meet a single Romney supporter, yet magically, he wins.


  • Beware – Ron Paul supporters who sport your bumper stickers and banners, the welfare socialist/communists want to play chicken with a 56 yr. old woman in a 15 yr. old truck on the freeways. I have 1 foot Ron Paul magnetic signs on both sides of the truck and this has happened to me 3 times now on Houston Texas freeways. The sign stolen out of the yard was expected but, road hazards were not. The young guy in a new Chevy truck just smiled at me & moved me out of my lane. Drive defensively!! FUN

  • The scary part is how the hell is Romney in the lead?

  • Ron Paul has the most support in ALL america and the world, yet they corrupt polls still show him way behind in the running, there needs to be a BIG investigation into whos doing the counting and screwing with it.

  • Ron Paul has more delegates then the news lets on. He is right behind Romney on delegate count.

  • america wants the troops home!


  • America is not about “The Party”. It is about the INDIVIDUAL.

  • America has turned into the anti-christ. It’s working to oppose everything we know to be truly just.

  • Wow, a news report that isn’t completely negative!

  • Support for Ron Paul from Poughkeepsie, NY!

  • Ron Paul ran as a libertarian SEVERAL times?? Try once, lady.

  • you know if he’s not elected you all better get ready to fight because were gonna take the usa back by force.

  • Hold your ground Ron Paul you are the only one that speaks truth. I am voting for Ron Paul if I have to tell them I want to write his name in. We have had the elections bought and paid for by the military industrial complex for too long. Voting for a candidate because you think that is how to win is totally retarded if that dude is not what you stand for why vote for him if the media tells you he is the only chance at winning? IF you vote for a candidate for that reason you are a sick loser.

  • Ron Paul or nothing! Ron Paul for CT