Ron Paul Stays in the Race & Attracts Thousands of Supporters!

  • Aussies for Ron Paul!

  • Black people for Ron Paul!!

    and short people… I’m short too

    People 5’2 + 1/2 for Ron Paul!!

  • Americans do support Ron Paul. Rampant vote fraud may make it seem like he isn’t gaining traction, but he is. If he doesn’t get the nomination, I guarantee there will be massive backlash
    We’re not so different from the rest of the world. Liberty and peace is the evolved & upcoming mantra of humanity, it does not belong to one country or the other.
    Ron Paul 2012, for a more understanding world

  • American Indians for Ron Paul!!!!!!

  • The majority everywhere has voted Ron Paul, yet they make it look like Romney wins.

  • I’m aware of the tactics Ron Paul is using, the same Reagan used for the delegates, the scary part the America Sheeple believe that Romney is in the lead, you know he is such a down to earth kind of guy in touch with the average broke American, you know being a Billionaire he’s got his finger on the pulse of American

  • Mother Earth has voted for Ron Paul

  • Planet Earth For Ron Paul

  • Sweden For Ron Paul!!!

  • Let’s not get stupid here. But are you advocating that we need a “world” leader? God fucking forbid that ever happens.

  • Brazil for Ron Paul!!

  • thousands of supporters in every State and many Countries of the World ~ all for LIBERTY ~ thank you for your focus RON PAUL 2012

  • The youngins have more commonsense than most adults in this country!

  • “Ran as a libertarian several times”….what a blatant lie! The way they cover him is so negative and full of lies. 4400 people there and they can still make it sound so dam negative. Fuckn disgrace all around, all i have to say. If the zombies dont see the media bias against Paul up to now they deserve the messed up government they have and will keep having with any of the other bought out corporate shills.

  • I got my voteing papers last night in the mail box here in California, and I’m registered Republican and ready to be supporting Ron Paul!

  • Im British and I support Ron Paul – The world supports Ron Paul – Why should Americans Support Ron Paul?

  • What makes you think the bankers and the Republican party would allow ron paul to run for president if his goal is to stop the their hunger for war????? you all you should know by now the candidates regardless of which party he/she from wont do anything different or better. They will do what they are told once in office and finish destroying this country just like bush and obama and that if the bankers let him get into office.


  • you never see any crowd like that at any other canidate’s rally. Turn off your TV folks. They wont show you his massive popularity. This man is not a sell out establishment politician like Romney. Just rmember, vote for the guy that the mainsheep media ignores or pokes fun at. Thats where you find goodness