Ron Paul: Run Your Own Life as You See Fit

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  • romney would never have such a large, enthusiastic crowd.

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  • And Andrew Jackson “killed the bank”. He may have had the Indian Removal acts (and I despise him for that) but he led the United States into a great economic boom. But, the tyrants tried again in 1913, and thus, the Federal Reserve, was established.



  • Actually Andrew Jackson lost in his first run for president because he won the popular vote but lost in the electoral college.

  • I am afraid that even if every American were to vote for Ron Paul, the election would be rigged like I am sure it has been for the last few elections. GWB is the only president to win election and have less amount of votes than the other candidate.

  • Can someone reply to me please answer my question, so his campaign is going well just the others running for president but the media ignores Paul so the majority of people don’t know?

  • this is why I voted for this man. instead the government will run your life as they see fit

  • BRINGING LIBERTY BACK… 2012 Ron Paul… if we could just experince the LIBIRTIES we once had for 4 yrs, atleast we would know FREEDOM.