Ron Paul: Run Your Own Life as You See Fit

  • Ron Paul!!! I am listening to “The National Weather Service” LOL another Gov agency that preempts other news outlets. The fonts and the very poor system is so Gov!


  • Surfisher

    Take Vincent Reda to Small Claims Court NOW!

    Vincent Reda will be eventually taken to criminal court, but it may take a year or more before the case is heard.

    Anybody can take anyone for nearly any reason to Small Claims Court, and usually the case is heard in less than 2 months (in some counties 30 days). You are not filing for a Law Suit, but a CLAIM Only (claiming a wrong and placing a Dollar Value on your perceived Loss). Once the hearing is scheduled — the Judge has to hear the case! If he/she deems your claim has no merit, you lose — if not, the Judge may award you a lower dollar amount.

    Regardless of the outcome — it’s a WIN, since the point is to drag this low-life through the mud ASAP, not much, much later (for all such creeps to watch and learn NOW)!

    Here is the beauty of this ploy (since the defendant (Reda) must show up on the given date and time — if he doesn’t, you win your claim, and he has to pay you the amount! Or, get special permission from the court, to excuse his absence in person — he may be FORCED to establish phone communication during the hearing — and have his lawyers represent him):

    1) If a thousand people file such a claim — and Reda does not show up, he’ll be broke financially.

    2) If allowed by court to have only lawyers represent him — he’ll have to hire hundreds of them, to be present when many cases would be on the same, or close to the same, day when the hearings are set! That will also be a financial burden!

    Hope all New Yorkers, that were disfranchised from voting by the LIE of Vincent Reda, file a Small Claims Court CLAIM against him — the creature needs to be penalized for his perfidy!

    Share this — if many more than a Thousand people file a Small Claim, this Clown will truly be put through a Circus!

    One could claim an emotional distress that upon hearing, from a trusted official, that your candidate (say Newt, or Ron Paul) is no longer running according to the phone call, YOU broke down emotionally and stopped eating, sleeping, going to work, etc — LATER (after the voting was over) You found out it was all a Lie. And now, you are even more emotionally distressed since you lost your right to vote, because of the false statements. You put a $$$ TOTAL on your Claim (with the exact name and address of Vincent Reda) — and submit it in Small Claims Court.

    Here is the proof you need in Court: his actual phone message LIE!

    • Surfisher

      *Mitt Romney, American Parasite*

      It explains how Bain Capital worked. They would buy SUCCESSFUL companies, with little down, borrowed huge amounts, saddling them with crushing debt, refused to continue equipment purchases or maintenance. Then they would pay themselves huge “management” fees.

  • If he gets the nomination, I’m sure I will cry…in a good way. RON PAUL 2012!!!

  • I fuckin love ron paul …wish the media would cover this so I could watch the revolution from my big screen lol

  • 29:50
    Dude: Punk! Stop calling me! I’m at a Ron Paul Speech!
    Caller: Awesome dude! Hold up the phone and let me listen!!

  • Try citing a direct quote or signed piece of legislation when you make an accusation like that, punk!

  • How is he racist?

  • Americans this is just the beginning of things to come!!! We are gonna have a lot of work to do on our home land to make it the way we need to be… We have to keep going forward with his ideas and restoring everything our founding fathers gave us. No matter what we cannot let the globalist take over. We have to bring production back here. And compete in the global economy. Made in the USA.. It’s time for the D.C corporation to stand down.. if u don’t know what that is go to my page and

  • What is racist about him?

  • You are one honest man Ron. May the americans elect you as their president.

  • You are most likely right my friend Ron Paul would never approve of endangering anyone’s lives by supporting the ” Ron Paul Riots, ” but on the other hand there will be a day where the people of America need to come together and face the question that is when is enough ENOUGH? Ron Paul has inspired me to become politically active since the day I discovered his debate, but if the Feds won’t let the people of America win the fair way by playing this political game than lets restablish it RON PAUL!

  • Where is this ?

  • I misread your message thinking it was at your friend’s urging. My apologies

  • ive seen you on many videos. you want to talk about paul or are you a spam-bot?

  • well, our position in the global market could always use some improvement… not to confuse “market” with “government” here.

  • I was raised during a time when obedience to society was paramount. There was no other solution than the one given. But now, with what you might term ‘a breakdown in society’ it is a actually a freeing up, making many answers possible. Or, as a teacher might say, ‘there is no single answer;’ And then the students compete with one another to get one…
    My question to you is..what is YOUR answer, not your friend’s. There is no correct answer, only yours. I hope this doesn’t intimidate at all.

  • Yes my friend you are again correct, our generation and the next will be fighting for our own survival, the warning to what is here and coming has been sounded for a long time now and it seems few have listened, i been prepping since 1985 i feel relatively confident to last maybe 5-10 years on my own, what worries me most will be the zombies migrating from the cities. I still will hope that after the dust settles a new golden age will come out of it…. Good luck to you and the family.

  • If Ron Paul don’t get elected ?

  • That’s because it’s been so long since anybody on Capitol Hill has ever told the truth or went to the very heart of the problems instead of flirting around the edges, it’s so refreshing to hear the truth isn’t it. Ron Paul is one of the few Individualist on Capitol Hill, the rest are all Collectivist (for Bigger Government) which is in the same boat as Fascist, Communist and Socialist.

  • You sheepl! Ron Paul fever has taken your eyes off the truth. Have you already forgotten about Fukushima? It’s not “fixed” over there..every day things are getting worse..come across any funky tasting produce, lately? Just this month they started worrying that reactor 4 is about to crumble. No one can near any of it..and all they do is dump war on it..literally!