Ron Paul: Run Your Own Life as You See Fit

  • Where are these people when ron paul needs them and what happend to all of the delgets ron paul was going to have i dont like mitt or obama

  • Dear Ron,
    You will probably never see my comment but i want you to know it would be the greatest honer in my life to just meet you to shake your hand and thank you so much for caring about all of us here in America. Much love and support for you. Ron Paul 2012!!

  • Assuming government cannot do anything ‘productive’, it has no means of correcting itself does it? This puts its remedy in the hands of the private sector which I believe has been the real culprit all along. When WE win, it’s our victory, when WE lose it’s the dam government’s fault.. Crony capitalism has been dumping on the government for way too long. It is we that have turned it into a monster.

  • What you have overlooked within your fateful conclusions is free will. If there are pot holes in the road one doesn’t have to drive into them. And who are ‘they’ ? I regret that Ron Paul uses the ‘they’ word too often, but let me assure you there is no ‘they’ at all. It is merely a personification when things go awry. There are no ‘evil’ people.
    No doubt you’ll now throw at me all the evil things that have happened, but to understand just a few is to know that ‘they’ or evil cannot be found

  • Here here. You hit the nail on the head. Hopefully a violent uprising won’t be soon, or in Dr. Paul’s lifetime, but every once in a while some country in the world will spark a revolt to overthrow their government, and in America, the way our government has been treating us may lead to just that. Thanks for your input Alex! And for not calling me a dickless faggot like most Youtube commenters. Ron Paul/Huntsman 2012!

  • You clearly don’t understand anarchism. Look at Stefan Molyneux’s videos. If you truly believe in liberty, you’ll realize that government is just an agency of force and cannot accomplish anything productive. ‘The private sector’ can do anything the government can do much, much more effectively. Governments never work, never have and never will.

  • Just because we do not want to attack others, that does not mean that others do not want to conquer us. Limited government will be able to setup a response.

    Protecting the minority from the majority is a necessity. That is obvious. I understand why you don’t like government. I don’t either. That said, there are definitely some things government is needed for.

  • How do you justify government? They’re just thieves, nothing more.

  • Because people can be manipulated.

  • … so really, in killing us off they gain that control TOTALLY, us “hanging around” will either have to perform two functions, both functions must include compliance. 1st is what we’re doing now and paying our dues up to “the man” forever and always.. 2nd is full on global slavery with limited functionality that we have now (breeding will be about all that is allowed)…

    there is a 3rd function but its a last resort and the most unlikely (at the moment),, our 3rd function is fertalizer.(death)

  • They arent interested in money anymore, (yes at face value they are and they have to appear to be in order to keep this illusion that it runs everything and is more important than family friends or anything else).

    They already own all the important land around the world, they already have their men in key positions in governments in all the worlds most powerful nations,, what they’re aiming for is still rule over all dominion as it has been throughout this age and previous ages…..

  • Ah ! You have a point afterall !. Much better than the previous list of facts that said nothing.
    If allowed to run its course your argument would suggest us killing them first, all in self defense of course. But let’s go back to the 20 Trillion debt. In what way would the banks get their money back by shooting everybody?

  • Great stuff! It could happen, I hope it will happen! Romney just says the same old Presidential BS. I can’t believe he has nothing to REALLY say?

  • I see a lot of white folk claiming racism, but not many African Americans………

    Wonder why? Does it occur to people that thinking that African Americans can’t defend themselves is a racist attitude? They need some white progressives to defend them? Figure it out. In fact, the people that claim Paul is racist are in fact the racists. This is another version of “noblesse oblige” or “white man’s burden”

    It’s Eurocentric. racism buddy.

  • So you can just write off ~20Trillion in debt and think the banks will let you away with that?

    There’ll be UN/NATO troops flooding the streets of the US in full force with battle gear to enforce payment or you’ll simply get dragged out into the street and shot dead like they done in Germany during the war.

    Im not trying to be arguing with you or anyone else here, just saying… that money belongs to the banks and they simply wont let anyone away with “writing it off”, they’ll KILL YOU FIRST.

  • He speaks of the Ron Paul news letters that personally I do not believe he himself wrote but many believe he did.

  • But why should we have to keep it at bay if we can educate ourselves, friends, and families on how governments are immoral and how to live without them?

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