Ron Paul: Run Your Own Life as You See Fit


    Good !

  • ron paul 2012
    death to america!


  • The only thing about Paul that scares me (even just a little bit) is that he has no coherent philosophy…kind of like a Gingrich.

    Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Kant….he seems to pick and take a little from all of these guys, maybe a little Rand, and mix it all together.

    Even Locke wouldn’t make the that statement in the title of this video….because he, too, acknowledged that being judge in your own case is worse than despotism



  • Surfisher

    Ron Paul to WIN — or America to End 2012

    Take your pick…there are no other options!
    Ron Paul must take Rmoney to Tampa — to expose the GOP’s perfidy — when hundreds of thousands of Real Americans will come to the Convention voluntarily, supporting Ron Paul, the ONLY REAL AMERICAN PATRIOT in this race (vs a few hundred BUSED Rmoney bullies pretending they are actual people)!

    If the Republican Convention cheats Ron Paul out of The Nomination — then, go Third Party!

    There MUST NOT be a way allowed, for Rmoney to “debate” BO one-on-one — since this will be a Clowns’ Show (two liars trying to out-lie each other…when they are one-and-the-same HUMAN TRASH)!

    Ron Paul MUST be part of the DEBATES — so, he can clearly show up THESE politically trained monkeys for what they are — The ULTIMATE Destroyers of the USA!

    Elect Ron Paul as President, if you want to Save America — vote for anyone else, if you WANT to DESTROY the USA!

  • Fuck Politics Vote 4 true Governance

  • Screw the Media Ron Paul 2012 like that guy said PAUL or DIE!

  • To be Fair…

    Obama = Should be in jail right now…

    Romney = Fuck man…really?

    Paul = President.

    I’m human. So yea, I want to love you. I know that already…

  • Well, whats wrong with running your own life. This man is not talking a bout lower life forms. You dont know who you are, so dont say youre insulted.
    don’t try to say 8 of 10 wouldn’t lend a helping hand. that includes abortion sympathy 4 a pregnancy from being unable to keep your legs together. if a helping hand doesn’t help you so b it. How long to keep you alive artificially ah ah

  • Freedom is dead dumbass , all of or rights have amendments that counter them freedom of speech yet censorship is heavily guarded and supported , right to bare arms yet you use one on your property as self defense without a permit you get jailed , freedom of press yet you can only print certain things in the paper , we aren’t free

  • The last american PRESIDENT. America hasn’t lost a fight, why would the NWO think we would roll over? Rights, Freedom, Liberty for ALL. Godspeed Dr. Paul. We are with you. TAKE IT BACK!

  • i like what ron paul stands for and his way of thinking. you yanks should look closely at your own country, its hated through out the world for all its war mungering and hypicritical attitude towards certain other countries and the way your goverment sucks up to israel

  • There are limits to everything dumbass. Including the governments ability to protect without causing harm.


  • *balls

  • How about we jail these fucks–the bankers and government officials. American’s don’t have the bails to do it–they are too passive 🙁

  • How can you move, when plenty have no money to move out?

  • Thanks man!

  • Patriot Act has been abused and likewise NDAA against what Obama originally said.

    In response to your claim, look at how well the US worked for the past few centuries.

    Ron Paul is probably the best choice at the moment, even though his choices are a little extreme. If you want to live in such a totalitarian-like government then move away. Nothing’s stopping you.

    Have a good day.