Ron Paul: The Federal Reserve Facilitates Big Government

  • Hard to believe anyone is stupid enough to vote for mitt or berry when they can support Dr Paul.

  • IRS is a criminal organization. Lock up every person responsible for it and every agent.

  • TrippingTheTube: They are not stupid… they are corrupt puppets. They have not bumbled into this. They are screwing us on purpose because it benefits them.

  • How is it that Ron Paul is the only one in congress who understands this stuff? Have we gone that far down in brains since the countries founding?


  • I was just wondering this.

  • Lol thats because youtube only allows you to thumbs videos up once. 😛

  • On my screen too!
    No matter how many times I thumbs up Ron Paul No numbers go up!

  • Why is it so hard for you not to be able to wrap your head around someone that want to end the US aggression in the Middle East

  • What? They used to be able to trade a dollar for silver? I never herd this in my 29 years. This was so helpful thanks for thie vid.

  • Ron Paul video game coming out in 2 months LOL.awkward

  • I really enjoyed listening to this. I just pray that no one tries to assasinate him.

  • Wait! They are against the idea of a federal reserve but still want the war even though it was not formally declared by the Congress?

  • What’s with those symbols popping up and disappearing all over the video screen?

  • This question about is the monetary system on which Dr. Paul is SPOT ON is exactly the reason why the banksters and the finance elite is shunning him… What we need is a strong OWS spring revival!

  • It is very important NOT to be “educated” solely by youtube. Ron Paul is correct – the FED is facilitator of the BIG government and inflation, not the cause. People via Congress vote on unbalanced budget every year. The FED must produce money for unbalanced portion. Weak minded still cast their longing glances at Zionists instead.

  • The American Dream” animated movie also. Cheers. and YA DAMN RIGHT..ron paul or no one at all.I’ll write his name in with my own blood if i have to! \m/

  • This man is always consistent!

  • check out my vid on ron paul

  • “The Creature from Jekyll Island” on youtube. Everyone should be armed with this information right now. The ONLY truth in money. Even if you have to write this man in, Ron Paul or no one at all.

  • wooo hoo ron paul 2012!!!