Ron Paul: The Federal Reserve Facilitates Big Government

  • French Canadian

    Rubio Moves Closer to VP Slot After Bilderberg Speculation

    I personally believe they are trying to destroy your Constitution. Both President and Vice-President have to be Natural born citizens.

    Natural born citizens: Born in America to TWO parents who are both US citizens at the time of their birth.

    Just like Obama, Romney and Rubio parents, were not US citizens at the time of their birth.

    Is it a coincidence? I think not. This is done with a deliberate effort to abolish your Constitution.

  • French Canadian
  • French Canadian
  • searched delegate count on the internet and found that first the Wall Street Journal. It was disgusting how the Wall Street Journal place Mitt Romney’s face in front of the total delegates count required for nomination. His face was NOT in front of delegates he actually recieved. (which is the line below). A nice color chart also implied Romney in lead. Closer look found this misleading also. The Wall Street Journal is Yellow Journalism this confirms our Media is Misleading the Public

  • Gar

    Dr Ron Paul should try to gain mainstream: retired and middle age working class by proper promises, which will be naturally fulfilled: more new jobs, more money for retired ( for instance 10 % more ), more money for working class, honest health care and honest social care and aid for victims of natural disasters in USA. It is so easy.

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    Ron Paul Slams Internet Control Bill CISPA

    “We should never underestimate the federal government’s insatiable desire to control the Internet,” Ron Paul notes.

  • Illuminati is a Decoy

    You can bet that MOSSAD/JIDF/FBI/CIA is watching this site.

  • Roths Children = Satan’s Children


    I want to be a danger,

    I want to be a danger to the world,

    so that after my destruction, not a single blade of grass will remain on the face of the Earth,

    or a single blade of grass for Gunther Grass’s pipe,

    upon the Earth where, since I was born, I pose a danger to the world.

    Because it is my right!
    — Itamar Yaoz-Kest (Israeli Poet)

  • endemic

  • Ron, if you were independant you would be President, no argument. you are not on the same planet as your adversaries they are so much the same as the ones that came before them, the US needs change and you are the one to make that change, the whole system needs to change. but it so indemic world wide i don’t know how you can change it. Regards Paggodiablo

  • It’s amazing how the media would not touch Ron Paul 6 months ago, now all these leeches want to interview him now that he is a contender


    “To attempt to silence a man is to pay him homage,for it is an acknowledgement that his arguments are both impossible to answer and impossible to ignore.”

    – JBR Yant

    Yall’ have a nice day.

    • DAFFY

      The question I get from Christians and so many others…

      Why the Jews?

      So many find it so hard to understand the meaning of all this… You only look at opposition as “hate”…

      Look to the Bible and the Jewish Talmud for reference…

      You find it hard to believe that God in his awesomeness may have misjudged man in his first encounter with him…

      Yes, God did say that Jews were the “chosen People” he did say this… when they were the first he gave his message…

      They didn’t follow his word, friends…

      That’s why Jesus came and told them they had become “Satans Children”… He offered them forgiveness and asked them to repent and told them that all people were gods children and the “Chosen People”… They killed him…

      Jews had become fanatical and resented the fact that they would be equal to the “gentiles” or Goyim…

      To this day many, “not all” resent that fact… Look at the 1980’s burnings of the New Testemant in Israel

      Look to the fact that they repeatedly try to take hold of global commerce and trade…

      Look how they promote multiculturalism in all Nations except their own…

      One must study and investigate before they can comment on this factor…

      Most of you have been indoctrinated to follow emotion instead of your logic…

      I understand this…

      You say “look at what has happened”


      “What will happen”

      You never provide contrary evidence

      You only Parrot the same ideals over and over again

      You are afraid to sound like the outcasts who have branded all the same

      Who have been branded as the scourge of humanity

      You never look at the contrary evidence or look towards the humanity on the other side…

      This is the new USSR…

      You are deluded and lost.

      Sleep well, may you never awaken to the real nightmare at hand.

      • DAFFY

        “Every time new and promising opportunities for meddling have arisen,” he brought out, “the Jew has been immediately involved. He has demonstrated an uncanny ability to sniff out like a bloodhound anything which was dangerous to him. Having found it, he uses all his cunning to get at it, to divert it, to change its nature, or, at least, to deflect its point from its goal.

        Schopenhauer called the Jew ‘the dregs of mankind,’ ‘a beast,’ ‘the great master of the lie.’ How does the Jew respond? He establishes a Schopenhauer Society.”

        — Dietrich Eckart

        Sometimes the “Victim” is crying “Wolf” to cover his tracks…

        • DAFFY

          I beg you not to take my word for it, Just please, please investigate from biased sources and documented quotes and facts ! It’s out there !

          Find out who is the big player behind internet censorship, find out who is pretending to be against it !

          Playing both sides sounds familiar doesn’t it? Kind of like the Republican and Democratic Parties, you will learn that they both pay out to the same puppet master. Who they “all” are I have no idea, who “MOST” are and what they represent I do know…

          It’s no coincidence so many of “them” have changes their last names to Angalo ones when in places of power… I guess if they learned one thing after WW2 if only “one thing” it was to hide their ties…


  • No way number 26!

  • How can anyone support Obama. HE is worst than Bush. Bush passed medicare part D but Obama passes ObamaCare, which is 10x more worst

  • The GOP can keep their latest conman Mitt Romney. RON PAUL ALL THE WAY!!!

  • shut the fuck up you corporate devil

  • central banking creates the vacuum for corruption that undermines everything in the world and props up the military industrial complex. the end.


    Proof of Government fueling Racial Hatred for Division

    • 2833001

      Uhm, they aren’t fueling racism, it’s Anti-White racism. They are fueling everyone against Whites. Don’t know whose side they are on yet, but I know they have covered up the FBI’s official crime report because they said it was “racist” :rolleyes:

      The new term for Minority is going to be “Historically Marginalized” do you know what that means? Welfare and Affirmative Action for ever, or until Whites are such a minority they are no longer able to afford the cost. Who knows about the Affirmative Action though… that could be forever… Not like Non-Whites don’t hire their own kind right? Wrong.

      Also, they are covering up this:


      4,044 FARMERS MURDERED , 68,798 White Afrikaners Murdered

      “I killed them because they were white.” These famous words were spoken last year by William Kekana, who participated in one of the most horrendous incidents in which the entire family of Mr. Clifford Rawstorne was wiped out, consisting of his fiancée, baby, as well as his own mother. Even this massacre of an entire family would not have made headlines, were it not for the fact that one year-old Kayla was executed on her very first birthday with a shot in the head. Needless to say, the two adult women were first raped before being killed.

      Ladies and Gentlement may I give you a link to show what our people are facing in South Africa. We here nothing of this. I have never seen ANY type of media.


      If you would just take a little bit of time to realise and become more aware of what our race is facing. This should be a MAJOR WARNING that should SHOCK you to your CORE!!! Because if whites become a minority in America , This is what you may very likely FACE! This is real. People I urge you , This is no game. We must educate ourselves And stay away from distractions. We live in very sick times.!__page-1-copy2

      Feel free folks to post anymore pictures of material associated with South African White Genocide

      For all you Racist Liberals out there, Take a good look at those pictures.

      “Struggle is the father of all things. It is not by the principles of humanity that man lives or is able to preserve himself above the animal world, but solely by means of the most brutal struggle. If you do not fight, life will never be won.”

      • 2833001

        PS Immigration is a Scam

        Watch this, it’s not helping anything and they know this.

        Immigration for Dummies

        I suggest people take the time to read these comments, all of this is very informative, this is a great site for posting information most individuals will not come across in their average day to day monotony.

        Hey, you, yes you. This is important, this is your future and your children’s future, this is survival. Wake up !

      • DAFFY

        Looks like someone flagged you down, looks like they wish to keep White South African Genocide a secret… Can you imagine someone doing that to Blacks, or Jews or any other race if they were being Genocided?

        Just goes to show you… some Genocidist doesn’t like information getting out.

        Reference PROOF – LOOK AROUND YOU’s first post of the image of two different questions on Yahoo answers and the different responses that follow…

        Sad sad and very anti-white racist times we live in…

        Don’t like my comment means you don’t like truth, means your a genocidist.

        End of discussion.

  • Yes it has happened many times before in many countries. I’m just catching on now, but taking a few moderate precautions.

  • If you can’t buy a little gold, at least buy a little silver in 1oz rounds and bars. Maybe have a couple months food in the house. Things could get bad but it won’t be the end of the world either. Although with the NDAA who knows?