Ron Paul: CISPA is the New SOPA

  • Hello from New Zealand.
    I recently saw a video from supporters in Spain and I wondered if you would Please do a sign wave in your area and film it and add it to YouTube for the world to see Dr. Ron Paul has the vote for PEACE worldwide.


  • Very interesting Article, One the Liberals will call “Racist”…

    Seriously we need to crush the Liberals like we crushed the Communist Party.

  • The only man aware the constitution exists.

  • This pisses me off so much. I wish the government would just back the fuck off trying to control the damn internet – the only medium which we can freely communicate with the world and say what we want.

  • everyone search Ron Paul in Spain! The revolution has reached Spain!!!!

  • I believe this is already going on. Err, I mean Iay elievebay histay siay lreadyaay oinggay noay.

  • Surfisher

    *Mitt Romney, American Parasite*

    (Mitt Grosny — Romney The Terrible (my prefered title))

    It explains how Bain Capital worked. They would buy SUCCESSFUL companies, with little down, borrowed huge amounts, saddling them with crushing debt, refused to continue equipment purchases or maintenance. Then they would pay themselves huge “management” fees.

    Some notable excerpts:

    “Romney is not a vulture capitalist, as Rick Perry says, since vultures eat dead carcasses,” notes Josh Kosman, who has written about the private equity business for 15 years. He’s “more of a parasitic capitalist, since he destroys profitable businesses.” (The host must be healthy enough to be force-fed all that debt, then slowly bled to death…until the parasites drain all the wealth for themselves).

    “When Bain was about to buy a company, its partners would hold a meeting. “He said that about half the time [they] would talk about cutting workers,” Kosman says. “They would never talk about adding workers. He said that job growth was never part of the plan.” That claim was buttressed by the Associated Press, which studied 45 companies bought by Bain during Romney’s first decade. It found that 4,000 workers lost their jobs. The real figure is likely thousands higher, since the analysis didn’t account for bankruptcies and factory and store closings.

    “The Armco plant closing involved more than the torching of 750 jobs, Morrow says. Contractors and suppliers collapsed. Workers’ children and widows lost health care and pension benefits. And while Bain received millions in tax breaks—paid for by the very people left holding the bag—Romney walked away millions richer.”

    A must read (long) article recommended to all!

    Share it!

    • Surfisher


      Good news from the US Supreme Court — looks like BO’s beloved Illegals (those criminally invading our nation — the stealers of US jobs and carries of crime) will finally get the Boot!

      Now, BO and Rmoney need the Boot…!

      Ron Paul — get ready to bring down the house in Tampa. Also, prepare for the AmericansElect and Libertarian Party nominations!

  • Look at me Smiling

    “The announcement of this new bureaucratic instrument of war was made by Obama at a recent speech delivered at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, where professional warmonger and Israel Firster Elie Wiesel took the opportunity to call for war with Iran and the President, for his part, announced the imposition of new sanctions on both Iran and Syria. ”

    Elie Wiesel

    Occupation: Professional Holocaust™ Survivor

    Ignoring something are we?

    Israel’s Top General Says Iran Unlikely to Make Bomb.

    JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel’s military chief said he does not believe Iran will decide to build an atomic bomb and called its leaders “very rational” – comments that clashed with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s assessment.

    The article spends 2/3rds of the article re-hashing many of the false accusations previously bellowed against Iran by others. Nevertheless, this article allows the truth to slip out that Iran has no nuclear weapons, nor are they bulding any, nor are they intending to build any such weapons.


      “A few years ago, I heard retired IDF commander Moshe Ya’alon tell a room full of people that Israel had so well war-gamed a strike on Iran that it could bomb an active nuclear reactor in such a way that there’d be no fallout radiation. But, he went on to stress, he’d still prefer it if George W Bush undertook this burdensome task himself, regretting that the invasion of Iraq seemed to marginalise such a contingency. Years later, and now back in government as Netanyahu’s Strategic Affairs Minister, Ya’alon is still singing the same tune, with a less friendly White House to contend with.”

  • Surfisher

    New Yorkers — take Vincent Reda to Small Claims Court (firstly, then go for criminal)!

    Att. New Yorker’s who didn’t bother to vote against Rmoney, because of the FALSE phone robocalls you received by Vincent Reda— LYING that all other candidates had dropped out of the race except Mitt Romney.

    Take this liar to small claims court (a token $300 charge that he disfranchised you from voting by his perfidy) — easiest way to have a quick confrontation in a Court of Law! Make sure you tape the proceedings if allowed. If not, get a written record of the proceedings!

    Here is the proof you need: his actual phone message!

    Don’t delay, take this crook to court Today!

  • thanks for the info ron!!

  • Ron Paul all the way!
    From down under New Zealand

  • Dear Mitt Romney and GOP: I’ll be writing RON PAUL in again, like I always have. You’re not fooling me.

  • Ron Paul, like the hero in all the old Westerns, stands up consistently for what’s right, always alone, against wrong and bad and evil. He is the very definition of the word “hero.” He is also the very definition of what a MAN is supposed to be. Americans could learn so much from this man, if they’d only listen.

  • CISPA? Those are those door to door bullet absorbers am I right?

  • He believes it shouldn’t be run by the government that’s all.

  • I might be wrong but didn’t Ron Paul want to shut down the space program.Can someone tell me if this is true.


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  • Is this like the first president the internet likes?

  • Watcher12

    Weeping four-year-old girl accused of carrying a GUN by TSA officers

    “The family was in Kansas for a wedding, and was traveling home to Montana with Ms Brademeyer’s mother.

    Ms Brademeyer and her two children had passed through security when the grandmother was detained after triggering an alarm on the scanners.

    Isabella then, according to her mother, ‘excitedly ran over to give her a hug, as children often do. They made very brief contact, no longer than a few seconds.’

    The young girl was immediately detained by security agents, who apparently shouted at her that she would have to be frisked too, and refused to let her mother explain what has happening.

    Ms Brademeyer wrote: ‘It was implied, several times, that my mother, in their brief two-second embrace, had passed a handgun to my daughter.'”