Ron Paul: CISPA is the New SOPA

  • You mean your foot, right? I can just imagine a bunch of libertarians sitting around a table, dropping their food in disgust as a reaction to yet another theft of our freedoms.

  • The news is out that the General Election is going to be counted by a private company from Spain. Guess who owns the company? George Soros…Yes The election is going to be fixed if we the people do not put our food down now.

  • this is why Ron Paul wont win. He scares people, it might make sense and be the truth. But its scary, people don’t like to be scared.


  • cooment

  • In WI, I’m writing in Ron Paul as my presidential vote and this will assure my vote is hand-counted. WE must get going, make our voices heard, stand up and be counted! Everything you do to be heard you do for the many who can’t/won’t/don’t speak up for themselves. YOU and I are the front line of the fight.

  • A lot of Military,Army,Navy,and Airforce are so angry at the government.My dad is a Military Vet and he’s fed up with the stuff that the government put up and put out for the public brainwashing people.It’s tedious,They are so sick of the ever lasting wars.They go to war and do not even know why trey are at war and do not even know who are the terrorist.It’s all made up to make you believe they are defending our country when really the other countries are not really threats.It’s the U.S

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  • That’s what I been saying. I believe if he doesn’t become President, there will be one.

  • CISPA=Internet Gestapo

    • Watcher12

      More like KGB

  • Romneys just there to distract is from Ron Paul. Zionist faggots are scared or Ron paul vs Obamas slave puppet ass!!!

  • John

    When are we starting this revolution to take back our rights?
    All I know is if Mitt Romney wins, this country is going to tear itself apart.

  • Trust me he’s the only 1 i will vote and if he doesn’t get the nominee it’s going to be a violent revolution.

  • Like and Share THIS! They will only have as much power as you are lazy!

  • The only man still pushing the Constitution!

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    Vote Ron Paul 2012

  • if they ever take the internet away thats when we needa riot. internet= Truth

  • 11 people don’t care if they have their freedoms taken away

  • This Is why we need Ron to take over here and bring the US back to life. He’s the only one worth voting for.


  • I think that ron paul should use a higher quality microphone or do a video of these reports ,if you could just sit in front of a camera I’m sure we’d all appreciate it a lot even though we appreciate him so much as it is , I’m just saying it would be nice to hear a higher quality audio and perhaps even his face on camera. 🙂 good day all.