Ron Paul: CISPA is the New SOPA

  • ron paul is not going to end the FED and shame on YOU! for trusting in man God says all men are LIARS


  • You’re out of your mind. Ron Paul wants to end the Federal Reserve a’la President Andrew Jackson. You need to differentiate between small credit unions and banks and large, corporate, Federal Reserve controlled/owned banks. Not every single bank is fully controlled by the Fed……but they are working on it. Calling Ron Paul a shill for the bankers is slander and a violation of the 9th commandment (bearing false witness). And you call yourself a Christian.

  • why am i a dipfuck? why cause i dont trust politicians lmao go back to sleep you think you yo yo’s would have learned your lesson from 2008 when obama came in and promised change and hope bunch of suckers that will fall for the same BS over and over

  • I don’t think that’s it…. they can say “national security” now and I’m sure they do. But if they make it “legal”, people who otherwise would not take part might now see nothing wrong because that’s “just how it is” and it’s legal. So they get less resistance to their immoral deeds because many people can’t understand morals and rely on the law to guide them.

  • also kid? i am 29 years old you child i never said i wanted ron paul to fail were did i say this i just said he i a shill for BANKERS

  • HEY MORON there have been others that have been killed that were NOT president remember Martin Luther King he spoke the truth brush up on your history before trying to debate with me on anything

  • Because we all know it was the bankers that killed JFK and there aren’t hundreds of conspiracy theories out there about it. Also JFK did became president and then was assassinated.

    • Tallahassee

      I f*cking love you for your name, I know where you got it from too. Thank you, this proves to me that not everyone in the world has lost their mind.

  • Way to go, dipfuck.

  • I couldn’t care less what you HOPE for kid. No one here gives a jack damn about your insecurites, your wanting of ron paul to fail, or any other coherence to a negative message about dr Paul. NOTICE SOMETHING…THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION HAS NOT TAKEN PLACE YET. HE’S NOT THE PRESIDENT YET MORON. JFK was ALREADY ELECTED PRESIDENT…and it was within 5 ish month AFTER he signed executive order 11110 that he was assassinated ( by members of the fed reserve duh) Move on kid.

  • because he hasnt acctully moved to withdraw there power. He hasnt even really mentioned the real money changers. (people minipulating the market place like JP morgan.) once he does or anyone that follows him with his same belifs does action will be takin but. who knows what will happen. JFK would have fucked there monopploy with executive order 11110.

    Hello to all. From Canada!

  • Let’s start the petition!!

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    The guys over here are and have always been way ahead of Alex Jones.

  • Cause hesnot president yet.. that’s why they haven’t removed him

  • i hope you all understand that ron paul is just a shill for the bankers if ron paul is the real deal why havent the bankers removed him yet like they did JFK?

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    Pentagon Confirms Plan to Create NEW Spy Agency!

    “The new service is intended to curb personnel losses, making clandestine work part of the Pentagon’s professional career track and rewarding those who prove successful at operating covertly overseas with further tours and promotions, like their CIA colleagues. ”

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    Hugh Grant ‘David Cameron Is In Bed With Rupert Murdoch’ – NOTW Phone Hacking *NEW*

    Murdoch Government Ties Revealed.

    The depth of News Corp’s cosy relationship with David Cameron’s government has come back to bite him again at the Leveson inquiry.
    Critics have for decades accused the Murdochs of holding too much sway over British politics.

    Those fears have only been heightened in recent times by the close ties between British Prime Minister Cameron and controversial past and
    present Murdoch employees such as former spin doctor Andy Coulson and newspaper executive Rebekah Brooks.

    James Murdoch said under oath on Tuesday that he had met Mr Cameron a dozen times when he was leader of the opposition and twice as Prime Minister.

  • everything in this bill is all stuff they are alread doing. they just want to make it law that they can do it so when they get caught they can just say “national security”. we need to take our country back from the new world order scums.


    Monsanto’s Food and Drug Administration can’t close down small dairies and private food clubs fast enough, bursting on the scene with guns drawn as if the criminalized right to contract for natural foods we’ve consumed for millennia deserves SWAT attention.

    Now, Obama has the Dept. of Justice going after small farmers under the post-911 “Bank Secrecy Act” which makes it a crime to deposit less than $10,000 when you earned more than that.

    “The level we deposited was what it was and it was about the same every week,” Randy Sowers told Frederick News. The Sowers own and run South Mountain Creamery in Middletown, Maryland.

    Admittedly, when the Sowers earned over $10,000 in February, and learned they’d have to fill out paperwork at the bank for such large deposits, they simply rolled the deposits over to keep them below the none-of-your-****ing-business amount, rather than waste time on bureaucratic red tape aimed at flagging terrorism or other illegal activities.

    “Structuring,” explains, “is the federal criminal offense of splitting up bank deposits so as to keep them under a threshold such as $10,000 above which banks have to report transactions to the government.”

  • Life ain’t all peaches-n-cream. The direction we will likely take without Ron Paul, or at least his ideas, is much scarier.

  • the view count is being kept low on this one too.