Ron Paul: CISPA is the New SOPA

  • You are right.

  • you don’t say

  • i havent even heard of cispa.. damn

  • The American people have to understand that they are not limited to 2 parties.

  • It’s between Mitt and Ron now. Let’s do this!

  • Its scratching at the door now…

  • Dear God… I am still in shock learning the truths about our evil government and their illegal wars. It is making me sick. I am feeling distraught because the media blocking Paul’s truth out. I am feeling helpless like there’s nothing I can do to help free us from this evil that grips our freedoms. I am beginning to feel like, what is the point in living at all under so much oppression and subjugation from our own government. I feel like giving up and checking out.

  • Oh, right. Because faith without evidence is a virtue. Finding jesus (a man whose existence’s evidence is fleeting) is a good thing. There is nothing to be gained from blind faith.

    In response to your comment about me trusting a politician: You have no idea what politicians I do and do not trust. Regardless, if Ron Paul was backed entirely by banks, don’t you think he’d have spent money in Florida? Your attacks don’t even make sense. He’d be destroying if he had monetary backing form banks.


  • Ron Paul- For What It’s Worth


  • bring the troops home didnt you listen to obama in 08 when he said the same thing?

  • you guys like to make fun of our beliefs dont ya? i bet you wish Christians and Christianity would fade out of this world am i right? dont worry we are going to fade out of this world here soon just hope you find Jesus before the rest of us fade out

  • haha you call me stupid for not trusting a politician take your own advice

  • good for you as you are deceived by saying God is a lie

  • This man says God is a lie.

  • If Ron Paul became president and could swipe the fed away with a broad brush he would. I agree with you in that he probably won’t be able to end the fed because the law would never pass through the Senate. I think the greatest impact he would have would be to bring our troops home and end the state of emergency that our country has been in regarding war and its world police powers. The United States should not be policing the world like it has been doing for over half a century.

  • You’re a dipfuck for a few reasons.
    1) ‘ChristianWorldOrder2’
    2) Ron Paul is just a shill for the bankers
    3) Removed him yet like they did JFK?

    THAT is why you’re a dipfuck. Now keep on believing that every other person in the world is misinformed and you aren’t. I know that’s what you’re thinking right now, but you just don’t realize how stupid you are.

  • PAPA will be the new CISPA.
    Come to PAPA, obey, surrender, believes the lies, do not object, resistance is futile.

  • don’t waste your time replying. I’m ignoring you now. If you haven’t anything POSITIVE or encouraging to say about dr paul, stfu and move on. This video nor the channel it came from has NOTHING to do with your own problems.

  • You are 29 years old. However, you have no clue how to end and begin sentences with alittle thing called ” period”? Sure little spanky. I believe you. Ron paul doesn’t have a damn thing to do with the BANKERS ,kid. If you had followed him for even HALF the amount of years i have, you would have known this already. Piss off. You lost the fight before you could find the registration booth to sign up for it. Not everyone that preaches peace is murdered. mlk was black. Look at that time period

  • French Canadian

    Obama Opposes CISPA, But Will Sign It Anyway

    “Get ready for another NDAA-style bait and switch”