Ron Paul Wins Iowa & Minnesota

  • Ron Paul for ever!!!!!

  • Flip the script Mitt; QUIT.

    You aren’t winning anything without us Libertarians, independents and Ron Paul supporters, and the whole world knows it.

    In a contest between two establishment puppets, who cares who wins or loses? Clearly Romney doesn’t care, and Obama knows Romney is his only hope now.

    No one but Paul. We lose, YOU lose.

    Ron Paul 2012

  • Please go watch “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth”, there’s a short 15 minute version here on youtube that proves all 3 towers were brought down by explosives. Please “Like” this comment to the top and spread the word, we need to get the TRUTH out to everyone, the victims deserve justice!!

    Ron Paul for freedom on Earth! Ron Paul 2012!!

  • Politics has never been so exciting! 😀

  • yay the internet is gonna bite any of the fake shit they do in the ass,internet will expose the truth!! its interesting cause this is like first real internet influence on an election.

  • America is full of idiots…deceived by another Obama clone i.e. Mitt Romney…gonna be same crap as with Obama economy wise…just another mediocre president whos not gonna change anything i.e. when Romney beats Obama.

  • The good stuff’s starting guys. Buckle up…

  • fuck u ju88ff bitch ass mitt romney dick sucking fag maybe if u blow mitt romenys and obamas cock a little harder u might be able to make something happen!

  • yay this is so exciting

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  • Paul won the straw polls, the beauty contests and delegates from Iowa. The corruption pushed him out. Who’s laughing now. Way to minimize the truth Rachel.

  • surprise.

  • Why does this lady keep saying “unscripted”? (rhetorical question)

  • vote fraud will cause all sorts of problems like this…ron paul won other states too, like maine..

  • Ron Paul has been getting thousands of people to see him for months now…the media completely ignores this..although most of you already know this. RON PAUL 2012!

  • Jew media means its owned by jews, not that all the jews own it, don’t twist things.
    You didn’t answer my question, which holocaust you are talking about, the first world war holocaust or the second world war holocaust?.

  • Thanks Kristopherday! I’ll been wanting Ron Paul since the last election, but we have a country full of sheep and there all asleep! THey rather watch reality TV or sports, not that I don’t like baseball and UFC. I’ve got a lot of good friends there in BC and hope the best for you all!

  • Ron Paul is my fuking HERO! and Im not even American, Im Canadian. Ever Since I heard about this man which has only been during the beginning of this whole election process I have been following his every move. I cant wait to see him at the convention! oh yea and to any American voting or supporting Ron Paul all I can say to you is good job. You actually have head on youre shoulders.

  • lol so true