Ron Paul Wins Iowa & Minnesota

  • Yeah, the fuck?

  • Yeah, the fuck?

    1. Ron Paul’s father was a Freemason and Dr. Paul has said himself many times that he respects the organization and has been to many of the open meetings in his district. I should know, I was his scheduler for ten years
    2. His wife, Carol is a member of the Velasco Order of the Eastern Star and maintains her membership in the Freeport area lodge
    3. Their daughters, Lori and Joy were both Rainbow girls, another organization associated with Freemasonry

  • 1913

  • 1913

  • You don’t know the first thing about english, let alone the economy. Ron Paul predicted 9/11 and the economy collapse and you’re saying he doesn’t know what he’s talking about? Please provide information backing up your statement.

  • two party system doesn’t work*

  • Romney supporters are most concerned about putting a republican in the white house. Obama supporters are most concerned about keeping a democrat in the white house. This is a pure example of why this two party system doesn’t matter. Each party wants the power, but what happens when they’re both wrong? Ron Paul 2012.

  • Ron Paul has everything ass backwards. Yall dont know the first thing about economies.

  • I rest my case.

  • everyone likes ron paul because the media doesn’t… lol people are getting wise to the bullshit 😉
    anyone the media makes out to be awsome sucks! RON PAUL IS THE UNSUNG HERO!

  • Racheal…shhhh. I love you but you are giving away the secret. shhhh


  • Yes seems like things are looking up, Ron Paul keep fighting on with the people.

  • Ron Paul is crazy right? crazy like a fox! This is the brilliant man I want as the President.

  • Everyone write Ron Paul on money

  • Ron paul or Ron paul.

    ELIMINATION OF THE IRS. THE REPEAL OF THE PATRIOT ACT DUE TO THE FACT THAT IS UN PATRIOTIC.REDUCTION OF HIS OWN SALARY AS PRESIDENT FROM. 400.000 dollars to 36.000 dollars. Savage reduction of goverment by 50% for easy grab by the people to take over the gov when they not doing a good job….do you understand this amazing policy? Uh? What other candidate offers you this uh? Ron Paul all the wayyyyy.

  • This is a clear example in how corrupt the media and the voting officials are….they can not longer hold and blackout Ron Paul…He is coming to end the end the Irs…I mean..seriously…are you agree to raise your taxes constantly? Ron Paul Wants to eliminate the Irs.He want you to keep your moneey in your the corrupted media is going to get pay if he wins uh? WAKE UP AMERICA.RON PAUL THE REAL CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN.CHECK HIS AMAZING VOTING RECORD IN CONGRES