Ron Paul Wins Iowa & Minnesota

  • Go Ron!
    Don’t vote for the establishment, they’re going to expand the police state just as much as Nobama or even more!

    I for one won’t vote if Paul gets the nomination stolen from him! I’m tired of being a slave who is forcibly silenced!

  • Don’t be so quick to judge. I never said I wasn’t doing my part. 😉 Peace to you, too.

  • You can fight for yourself. It’s much more satisfying. Or you can join them. You may be called upon in the future to decide whether to or not. If you decide not to, you might go the rest of your life regretting it. Personally I would rather die next to American Patriots than live life under the NWO. Never let it be said I did nothing.Does that sound familiar? Good luck and happiness to you.

  • from what sources told yes he was the last real president stands up to the banks and thats why he was killed. yea all the of presidents after him are just puppets.

  • Obama + Romney = Obomney (which would be a disaster)

  • Fact, schmact: what about JFK? Was he a puppet? A figurehead? Or are you going to admit that I’m right, and that they don’t have absolute control over everything?

  • The truth will out for Ron Paul, YES


  • VIDEO REQUEST: Considering Ron Paul’s support and how many people he attracts to rallies, is there anyway we can do a video montage of how many people show up to a Ron Paul speech vs a Romney speech. ?

  • USA needs a third Party FFS!!!

  • Escape the Left v Right paradigm. Ron Paul 2012!

  • No wonder this country is going to hell , the people running these things can’t count. I am going to vote for Ron Paul no matter what. I think Adolf Hitler did the same kind of things in the 30’s To lock up the vote in Germany.

  • I already did my investigation and i found out its conspiracy fact not theory.

  • ooooooooooooh she pisses me off especially at the end, she makes it seem likes shes getting rowled up over Ron Paul’s situation, but she backfires and makes it a petter republican stab, SHE IS TRASH!!!

  • Throw out shiny objects, they’ll come running by the herds.

  • Stupid and Stupider?

  • What the hell in all that is sanity and coherent speech are you babbling about?

  • (cont)
    “5. The war in Afghanistan was started on the grounds of the 9/11 attacks”

    Obama plans on keeping troops in Afghanistan for another 10 years after 2014 all at a cost of 9 billion a year on top of the 11 billion that will be spent up to 2015. So we have 101 billion spent in Afghanistan alone, not counting the 153 other countries we have troops in. Where are the cuts in spending we desperately need before the economy collapses. Oh, thats right the FED will just print more money.

  • (cont)
    “4.EXPANDING THE POLICE STATE HAHAHAHAHAHAH im not sure if you heard about those tests about how conservatives are more prone to fear THAT’S YOU”

    The signing of the NDAA witch nullifies the 4th Amendment guess that isn’t serious enough for you ha? OK, The NDAA combined with the CISPA bill that is making fast rounds in our corrupt government. CISPA alone will empower literally thousands of Hoover like minded individuals. Herbert Hoover fan are you?

  • (cont)
    “3.Mistakes happen and the government should fund Planned Parenthood”

    More government control stealing form one to give to the other. The rest of us all have to pay, simply because you couldn’t keep it in your pants? You fucked up, you clean up you’re mess, it’s not my fault that you knocked her up.

  • (cont)
    “2. There is nothing wrong about giving healthcare to people who need it.”

    It’s a corporate monopoly and control needs to be returned to the people. The one size fits all overpriced monopoly isn’t cutting it and never will prices will just continue to climb. Making it a law to have insurance? Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t that undermine my personal Liberty and at the same time steal even more money from me to feed the corporate monopoly?