Romney = Obama. Finally, Americans Are Waking Up to Ron Paul!

  • So you put your money under the bed?

  • Robamney

  • gary johnson dropped out

  • marry and I are gonna make a pov 🙂

  • For some reason RT always finds the rudest people 5:50 like seriously



  • everyone in america should withdraw all their money from all the asshole banks for robbing you in the face. this would put a quick end to them overnight. and stop paying your bullshit debt that was corrupted and manipulated from the get go. if these bankers can create money out of thin air, then the people should just erase it with an eraser…simple.

  • ron paul for LOMINATION!! .. i mean NOMINATION !!

  • It is about time people are waking up but I think not fast enough. It is ironic that naturalized citizens have to”fight” for this country while born citizens are still living in la-la land. I hope this is going to change soon. Ron Paul 2012!!!

  • RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!!

  • Just vote for Gary Johnson.

  • i agree…it is so nice to see smart, educated, liberty minded hotties representing for Dr. Ron Paul!! PRESIDENT PAUL 2012!!

  • Quit being a douchebag, Republicans & Democrats are 2 sides of the same corrupt evil little coin.. Goldman Saches has been in Office for more than 1term, it’s time they are removed..

    Romney’s “Biggest Donor” = Goldman Sachs!
    Obama’s “Biggest Donor” = Goldman Sachs!
    Ron Paul’s “Biggest Donor” = United States Armed Forces, Veterans!

  • I can still smell fraud if he doesn’t make it. Unfortunately there’s still a vast amount of zombies who can prevent what we want from happening.

  • Trying to think of that character……well I guess Mangeto and Xavier come to mind but they were friend before they went separate way.

  • The girl done good

  • Romney = Bush = Obama = Status Quo = Republican = Democrat = Welfare = Wars = Big Businesses < Paul = Freedom = Liberty. R3volution.

  • I guess its kind of like in comic books when the super hero and the villain happen to be good friends.

  • No, Romney = Bush

  • I put an ahmen to that please.Ron Paul is the key to the whole world.