Romney = Obama. Finally, Americans Are Waking Up to Ron Paul!

  • This is how you fix the world to bring peace on earth war is not the way.

  • We must not divide each other by race ,or religion,that’s how the elite got us in the first place we must stand for peace on earth in stop all bloodshed starting whith America first then the rest of the world we must stop the fed,in war,which kills women in children,your children are my children we teach these things to the world so we can all live in peace whith one another as brother in sisters rather white ,black,red,brown or yellow,we must start whith our house first .


      Race is real, deal with it. We are not all “brothers and sisters” We are not all “out of Africa”

      Respect race, and respect tradition and culture of those people. We all have the right to secure the existence of our people. Only Cultural Marxists would say otherwise.

  • We must lead America to peace not Obama or mitt they both are killers .We must lead by example then the rest of the world will get in line.leaders lead in the rest will follow. Ron 2012.


  • Look people America is ran by Jewish bankers they don’t want Ron Paul to win because he will Fuck there money up.Obama has killed millions of people ,Mitt will do the same they don’t give a shit about America.I am sad about all of the families that has lost there life over black gold.

  • Many people know this, united slaves of israel has to wake up before it’s too late 🙂

  • lol

  • Israel did 911..
    From Denmark, Copenhagen 🙂

  • do you think 9.11 was an inside job?
    do you smoke weed?

  • Shes working for a state run news station that was taken by force in 2002. It’s an arm of the Russian State system, your praising her because she is supporting your political ideology. Your the epitome of a follower

  • Good for you Mary! When I saw that Ron Paul won both of these caucuses it was like being a kid on Christmas day! When will USA today put up the headline “Fights on for the GOP Nomination”?

  • Pride and truth isn’t hate ! :)
  • White Pride not Supremacism or Hate/ F**k Liberals and Genocidists

    Interesting No? 🙂

    Wohlan, die zeit ist gekommen !


  • I wish this woman was not so nervous, she does a wonderful job and her words are true. When she talks about being pro Ron Paul and pro freedom and liberty, I hope she knows that everyone is with her and she should be confident that she is speaking the truth

  • Ron Paul you have my support I hate politics but our country is controlled by a shit gov. It’s to important no to get involved.

  • Definition “conspiracy”

    A group of two or more people working towards a common goal. Now tell me, do you really think that there isn’t a group of people working for the goal of the removal of your rights?

    The media has labeled “conspiracy” evidence as “crazy.” The same media that is consolidated into a small group of hands, and is misreporting just about every major story to support a specific agenda.

    You believe the actual conspirators who deny the conspiracy. Look around man. Open your eyes

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  • this is as good a place to write my condensed babble:

    354 people – 66 to run for senate and the rest to run as congressmen. 354 people could bring the country back to its roots. tell me you don’t have 354 good people left in your country! I dare you!

  • Romney and Obama are bad for America.

    Ron Paul 2012!

  • Policy of Ron Paul will save the world that not only the United States
    I along with the American people to support him is a Japaneseあなたは、アメリカの選挙法が変更されたことを、実現しなかったし、どの国からいずれかが今どんなアメリカの候補者に寄付することができますか?