Romney = Obama. Finally, Americans Are Waking Up to Ron Paul!



  • I think Romney supporters just want the first lady to be a fancy salve owner looking civil war women and the president a “respectable” materialistic tall classy racist business guy looking actor.

  • Ron should run as independent. The Republican party is beyond saving.

  • Thanks Kenny Rodgers! Go eat some chicken.

  • Romney supporters don’t really care about his policies. They are more worried about putting a republican back in office, and in their mind that guy is Romney.

  • It is funny to me how most Romney supporters are blind to the similarities of Obama and Rommey’s policies.

  • nobody lives in iowa. it doesnt matter fools. yall gotta know when to fold em.

  • I don’t always like RT stuff but I must admit they are following the primaries well. The MSM are blacking out Ron Paul and that is criminal. They should report fairly on national TV. And besides isn’t it nice to see Mary. You won’t find her on the MSM.

  • It’s either Ron Paul or watch this country continue to die painfully. It’s that simple.

  • You drink too much fluoride water

  • You’re correct, you haven’t said anything about democracy.. at least not in a literal sense. By simply “making a wager” to see if Ron will be nominated, you’ve automatically implied that our vote matters.. hence a democracy. Also, Ron Paul draws big crowds at ALL the events, not just rallies, get the facts straight kid.

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  • John

    I’m very proud of Ron Paul and proud to be contributing to his campaign, which makes me an investor to bring freedom back to the people of this country!

  • GO RP!

  • For your information, the Ron Paul racism allegations were faked; saying something outrageous about somebody propogates very quickly through gossip; if you know how untruths spread throught the school playground; the same works in large scale communities.

  • Be active dont just sit at home…Ron Paul will need every one of us

  • As you mentioned it’s too obvious why BBC or RT are spending millions of $ to spread this kind of news. I want people to know what the deal is, don’t fall for the trap and simply take advantage of the situation. Russian gov is a lot better than it used to be but it’s is still corrupted and just because they’ve switched to a republic and a free market, it doesn’t mean they don’t have a world domination plan. My comment doesn’t direct my fellow Russians. Let’s just not become buddies with RT 🙂

  • Although I agree RT is strategic propaganda from Russia…

    You seem like you are blaming the state of America and the world on Russia…

    The state of the Western world has nothing to do with russian propaganda…
    So just take all the information and appreciate 360 degree news reporting…both sides.

    You put the pieces together after that….quit hating on RT….compared to other news networks, what are you hating on exactly.

  • French Canadian


    The Infowars Reporter Contest is ending April 30th.

    Here is a GREAT, video done by a guy named Stewart Howe. I believe he could win the contest.

    “This is a news report from Stewart Howe on the subject of Ron Paul’s massive popularity and the subsequent blackout by the mainstream media.”


  • You guys realize that RT isn’t trying to do good to America, right?? They want to dis-unificate America to make Russia stronger!!! So take advantage of the money they spent for their TV channel and stay friends and united with ALL your fellow Americans all the way from Texas to Massachusetts. Don’t hate your dear Americans that have been mis guided. Hate these stupid RT people the Russian government that is acting up like BBC. Russia wants America to fall APART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Libertarian777

      are you kidding? The USA doesn’t need ‘RT’ to ‘disunify’ us. We’re doing that all by ourselves.

      The GOP and Democrats can’t even agree on fake deficit cuts (argue about $80bn in cuts in a $1.2 trillion deficit), even though they are both big government parties.

      And sure the Russians may have a ‘world domination’ PLAN, much like North Korea does, but which country has more military bases in foreign countries and which country forces other countries to price oil in its currency? Which country spends more on its military than the REST OF THE WORLD COMBINED?

      Pretty much seems like the USA has world domination all tied up.