And Then There Were Two: Ron Paul and Mitt Romney

  • Mitt Romney is not a billionaire, and Ron Paul is a wealthy man.


  • There is a line between “passion” and anger. When Ron Paul organizers and supporters rely on disruption and deception in order to “take over” state conventions it is no longer passion, it is anger, and it is undemocratic. You can speculate all you want but speculation does not equate reality or truth. The reason Ron Paul can pack in the crowds yet not seem to win anything is the same reason he polls at 90% online but only about 12% in scientific (real) polls.

  • James

    The difference between a politician and a statesman has never been clear to me until now. And the test for this is the following question :

    “If there was no chance in winning an office, for what possible reason is there to continue?”

    The politician, having the goal of a political career will quit the race and divert energies that will advance the political career.

    The statesman, have the goal of presenting ideas, will continue the race and keep investing energies that will advance the political ideas.


    I once caught myself demanding freedom from government but for some reason felt foolish for doing so. To demand freedom from the government doesn’t help anything, but in truth it makes me more their slave because I was reinforcing the government’s ability and power to keep me from my freedom. The truth of the matter is that I don’t need the government to obtain my freedom. I just need to claim it. It’s my life, my liberty, my work (property).

    To expect the government to give me freedom is to reinforce the idea that I do not have sovereignty.

    I’m learning to say “no thank you” to government. The fact is that I don’t need Ron Paul to live a free life, I can do that myself. But if he gets elected, it’ll make my life infinitely easier.

    For me, it’s kinda like finding a gold coin in my back pocket that I completely forgot about, while standing on the bread line for hours. “No thank you gov. I liberated myself”.

  • hmmm.. yep,, ok

  • thats the same thing the jim jones supporters said.

  • I have to agree with you having this crazy hope called Ron Paul

    I so looking forward to your country being ran by a Billionaire and his friends, they are going to take such good care of the average America hands down, they need the slaves.

    I would trust a Billionaire with your life in a heart beat.

    I on the other hand would put my life in the hands of an old wise guy any day though.

  • Let me tell you this then.. If the voting was free and fair, if Ron Paul got just a little msm air-time, wasn’t cheated, was treated with the respect he deserves and not treated like a fool,, 2 things would happen:
    1. Ron Paul supporters wouldn’t be as “angry” (passionate would be a better description) as they are, and
    2. Ron Paul would be leading the beauty contest by unprecedented numbers.

    He packs out stadiums in the thousands at every event he attends, and these don’t translate into votes??

  • There are 770 delegates left for the states that haven’t voted

  • Well that sure as hell aint democracy mate. And if it aint democracy then what is it? Sounds a lot like anarchy to me. Is that what Ron Paul is all about?

    • SWGilk

      we don’t live in a democracy. We live in a Representative Republic, and it follows GOP rules.

  • How can you in good conscience say “I’ve been a Ron Paul supporter for years” and mix that in with “it’s time to call it quits”.


  • Mittens does NOT have close to 1000 delegates!
    Choose you media source wisely mate..

    “Irrational” is the concept of voting anyone else BUT Ron Paul

  • umm.. yes

  • YES WE DO!!!

  • Hmmm, why do ALL Ron Paul supporters have to be arrogant condescending smart asses? The responses from you people are always the same. I’m sure I’ll get flooded with more irrational angry responses from Ron Paul People like yourself. I expect it, because that’s who you are: Angry, and irrational. I’m not scared at all. Just a realist. Do you really think Ron Paul is going to be successful in taking the nomination while not winning the popular vote of a single State?

  • it’s only on tv in Cincinnati, Ohio

  • umm, no……stay off Real Clear Politics and think for yourself. If you knew the rules, maybe you would realize that you’re scared to death Ron Paul has a chance which noone gave him. Romney DOES NOT have 1000 delegates. He doesn’t even have 800, YET

  • Ron Paul is mathmatically eliminated. Even if Ron Pauls campaign and supporters are able to undemocratically strongarm all of Santorums and Gingrichs delegate spots as well as all undecided delgates he still will not be close to Mitt Romney. Romney currently has close to 1000 delegates already. Let’s be extra synical and say that in actuality he has about 900. Lets also say that Paul currently has 200 delegates instead of the official 78 or so. It’s still no contest. Ron Paul People = IRRATIONAL

  • President PAUL! Either way…he is my President.

  • RonPaul2008 (dot) C0M got deleted in an effort to censor the world of his message! Spread the word so people know!

  • There really aren’t two…there is really just one. I’ve been a Ron Paul supporter for years, but he isn’t my god, and I know he can make mistakes. One thing I believe he needs to learn is when to throw in the towel. There is zero chance of him getting the nomination, it’s time to call it quits. Unless Mitt Romney drops dead, he will be the GOP nominee.