And Then There Were Two: Ron Paul and Mitt Romney

  • I’ll tell you what the benefit is: those who oppose Obama’s destructive policies MUST unite to defeat him, or he will most certainly win re-election. It only helps him to divide ourselves and watch him win, and then complain when he has another 4 years in office. We have the chance NOW to stop him, but we will only succeed if we unite behind the GOP nominee, and you would have to be on some really powerful drugs not to see that Romney has the nomination locked up.

  • Ron Paul can still win people, never stop showing your support. The crowds at his speeches make me proud that there are still good Americans out there.

    A lot stranger things have happened in this world than an upset victory for Ron Paul.

    Just think what might have happened if a traitor like Alex Jones convinced people that the Founding Fathers couldn’t win.

    Ron Paul CAN win, and with a little help from God, we can still turn this country around!

  • Dr Ron Paul is to be our United States President!!! the unamerican media do all the can to black out us BUT ..real patriots know this: Vote for Ron Paul on NO VOTE!

  • The Only reason Romney has even remote amount of delegates is strictly due to primary states. Even the ones that were in questions of vote fraud. Which in my opinion all would be. If the majority of caucus states were in question due to power process. 100% positive fixed votes in primaries happened so he could have preset delegates. Even a blind man can use common sense. Dont lose that.

  • Nicole Vickers

    Anyone that is not a Ron Paul fan needs to stay off his page!!! Ugh! Ignorant people kill me.. RON PAUL ALL THE WAY BABY!!!!!

  • Well then fight the war!, and stop drowning others with your negativity, regardless of how you view the “reality” of things.
    Of what benefit is it to keep reminding readers of RP’s chances, or lack of?,, other than to make people disconcerted and discouraged.
    If you’re sincere about the cause of liberty, be pro-active, stay positive, get busy, organise!!!
    ..and exhude confidence, in spite of RP’s chances!
    Else, get off the platform, cos you’re doing no one any good!

  • I know reality sucks, but it’s still reality. And I’m not waving a white flag; I’m fighting a war against socialism, and Ron Paul is a great leader (possibly the best), but the war isn’t about him. He is a leader in the war, but he isn’t the only one. If he disappeared the war would continue. So don’t get all butt-hurt over the fact that Dr Paul is not going to be elected president this year.


  • RON PAUL 2012 – Heidelberg, Germany

  • You misquote me…when did I say Paul supporters claim a “delegate lead”? And when did I say this was on a Ron Paul site? I said neither of those things, so stop putting words in my mouth and read what I actually wrote. If you choose not to reply to me I won’t shed any tears or lose any sleep. BTW, I am of the opinion that a Ron Paul presidency would be the best thing to happen to America in nearly 200 years, but I am realistic enough to know it isn’t happening this time around.

  • … and these are the people who are exponentially converting the unconverted with a dedicated commitment and an optimistic …and a positive energy.
    So, please refrain from your negativity, cos that’s what’s NOT needed now!
    I mean, imagine if all RP supporters were waving the white flag like you’re doing, where would the progress of liberty then?
    Either get on board, or move aside.. we don’t need your pseudo-realism here tx

  • OK this will be my last effort on you, as you make yourself out to be a RP supporter without any merit.
    I visit RP sites daily and have never seen any post by RP supporters claiming national delegate leads over Romney…. yet
    The fact is this – the Ron Paul support base is growing at an unprecedented rate, to the point where the msm of late are actually acknowledging this, as it can no longer be ignored.
    This is because of the tireless efforts by grassroots….

  • Don’t be delusional. I keep hearing Paul supporters talking nonsense like, “Ron Paul leads Romney in latest poll,” but none of it is true and I don’t know where they get this stuff. I support Ron Paul but I am also a realist. None of these dreams of all these delegates spontaneously turning their backs on Romney and supporting Ron Paul will come to pass in the waking world.

  • What you fail to realize is that you will be throwing away both your vote and your country. Obama is the worst thing to ever happen to the United States. Romney may not be great, but he is a huge improvement over Obama, and would at least get the country headed the right direction, even if not as far that direction as Dr Paul would. A vote against Romney is a vote for Obama.

  • Troll!!

    I would rather throw away my vote than throw away my country. Ron Paul 2012.

  • no there is still hope! lol but i think he shouldn’t run because if he wins and become president the next thing you will see on the news is he was assassinated by the corporate bankers and gold man sachs ….

  • Wisdom calls for a continuance in hope.. the convention will be more interesting than you think.
    Please note that the delegates now know that the laws allow them to vote their conscience, yes even the committed Romney delegates are unbound.
    Believe me, by the time the convention comes, ANYTHING can happen!
    Keep up the good fight !!!

  • Then he should quit, because has failed to win this year.

  • Ron Paul is beaten. You can support someone and still have the wisdom to know when a fight is over. He should keep campaigning for liberty, but this primary race is done.

  • I’m not voting for him based on how popular he is with other people anyways. I’ve never been much of a joiner, and my father has been telling me about Ron Paul since 2003, when he was mostly unheard of. I’m voting for him because I think he is right, and because of that, I don’t believe that my vote is wasted.

  • Honesty

    It seems to me that as a Republican the Republican Party itself would rather see Obama then Ron Paul. Why are they biting off their own noses to spite their
    faces? Yet they are, which leads me to believe the former of what i just said.
    America needs a real Statesman with a lot of Courage and We found him his name is Ron Paul !