And Then There Were Two: Ron Paul and Mitt Romney

  • what are you smoking romney’s voted and said he’d vote for most the things obama/bush have done..i want some of what your smoking…

  • That’s a great thought. Unfortunately, you can’t always get what you want, and while I hate the thought of it, sometimes we have to take the best we can get. Unfortunately, we cannot have Ron Paul as president because he has no chance of capturing the GOP nomination. Your only choice this time around is, Romney or Obama? If you want another 4 years of hardcore socialism, go ahead and withhold your vote from Romney, and then don’t complain when you get your wish.


    • Bill Plat

      Yes and it is people like you who will destroy this country. You are the “we can’t people”. So we will just take the lesser of two evils. Look the Main Stream Media knows that Romney can not beat Obama. Even the Republicans know that Romney can not beat Obama. Have you given that any thought what so ever?
      Romney, Obama, makes no difference because we will still be on the road to destruction. You need to stop saying we can’t and start saying we can. I decided to try and become a delegate to the National Convention. I figured my chances were slim to none. But I did not sit back and say I can’t. I went for it anyway. Guess what with the help of the good Lord I made it. Never say we can’t. Warren Harden in 1920 went into the National Convention with 6.5% of the delegates and he come out the winner. As for me personally I will fight tooth and nail to bitter end. We are the kind that will change this country because we will never settle for second best.

  • If I’m going to move backwards it’s gonna be for the next Thomas Jefferson not the next George Bush.

  • If you believe Romney is no better than Obama, I’d like to know what you’re smoking and where I can get some! Even Dr Paul himself doesn’t believe that. Seriously, they differ on nearly all major issues, and given the chance, Romney would undo a lot of the damage Osama has done since being in the White House. Is he perfect? Not by any means. But he would move us in the right direction and it would be a huge improvement.

    • Bill Plat

      I would tend to agree with you that Romney is not as bad as Obama. That is why he got the nickname Obama Lite. But what you have to understand it the pure fact that he can not beat Obama. He has zero chance. Answer me this. How can Romney beat Obama without the Independents and the cross over Democrats. How does he expect to do it without the youth vote? He can’t and that is just a pure one hundred percent fact. You have bought into the Koolaid. The MSM is leading you right off the cliff. Ron Paul can beat Obama and that I will guarantee you. By the way that is something that the MSM does not want to to know. You have a choice, Ron Paul or Obama. Try as you may you are not going to change that. I will go with RP to the bitter end. Can we win? That I don’t know but I know enough to stay away from Romney because he is already beat.

  • You are right; Dr Paul beats Obama in head-to-head polling. But he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell of getting through the GOP primary, which means the head-to-head election will never happen. Unless he drops dead, Mitt Romney will be the one taking on Obama, so he is the one everyone needs to support, unless they want another 4 years of having a communist in the White House.

    • Bill Plat

      Well my dear friend get ready for another four years of Obama. The American people should have went with RP from the get go. The Republican Party should have went with RP from the get go. The Republican Party picked a looser and when he looses they will blame RP. As a matter of fact you will blame RP. Don’t blame RP, blame your self because you and the Republican Party picked the looser.
      Don’t get me wrong, I want Obama out but I know it is not going to happen and I am doing everything I can to get RP the nomination. Is that a long shot? Sure it is but I will refuse to throw in the towel. Will I vote for Romney? No, because it makes no difference we will still go down the drain. At least with Obama we can get it over with. Romney would only prolong our agony. Then when the gutters run red with blood maybe then the American people will wake up and take this country back. That is if there are any of us left. People who say we need Romney because he is better than Obama are void of history.

  • this guys great

  • Ron Paul used to be a butler (for 50 years) for some rich guy. And then the rich guy dies, Ron Paul stole one of his smaller houses worth US$ 2 Million dollars. And that’s how this Ron Paul has any money.

  • Who are you trying to kid? Romney is no better than Obama. He’s a corporate cronie, and war monger like the rest of the field. I won’t vote for anyone but Ron Paul, and neither will most of Paul’s followers. Which is a big chunk of voters.

    If you’re only concerned about unseating Obama you better start rallying for Paul.

    If Paul can’t beat Romney, Romney can’t beat Obama, but Paul CAN beat Obama.

  • You are giving yourself away as a Romney supporter, since to don’t research enough to see that Ron Paul BEATS Obama in a head-to-head.
    So why quote Mitt’s chances against Obama?
    Like I said, turn off your TV and research mate!


    • Bill Plat

      See this language? Want to know what is wrong with this country? This right here.
      I call it Neanderthal lip dragging void of a brain. Don’t you know that some ones child might be on here looking at this? You will be in our prayers because you certainly need them.

  • Name calling is childish, and you are completely wrong anyway. In every poll, Paul has a fraction of the support Romney has, but Romney is in a dead heat with Obama in head-to-head polling.

  • Taiwan for Ron Paul

  • Defeat Obama by supporting Mittens? Now that’s hysterical!!
    Besides the fact that their policies are virtually identical, If you want “realistic”: – Obama will trounce Romney if they square up. The odds are far more in favor of a RP victory over Mitt, than a Mitt over Obama anyway.
    Stop supporting the lesser of 2 evils – vote RP regardless! Take a stand, stay resolute…Don’t sell your soul bro.
    Keep voting your conscience and things will work out, + you’ll sleep much better at night

  • Negativity? ROTFL! How am I the one being negative, you are the one who refuses to support the nominee! You’ll throw away your vote on a third-party candidate with zero percent chance of winning rather than unite with others to defeat Obummer!

  • fans from The Netherlands-Amterdam

    yes…we love this guy too….decent American men in POlitics do exit…

    ALLE THE WAY MR President !!

  • nevadasmith

    It’s not what you thought, when you first began it.
    You got what you want, now you can hardly stand it ,
    Though, but now you know.
    It’s not going to stop, it’s not going to stop, it’s not going to stop,
    Til you Wise Up.
    Your sure there’s a cure and you have finally found it.
    You think one drink, shrink it till your underground and living down.
    But, it’s not going to stop, it’s not going to stop, it’s not going to stop,
    Til you Wise Up.
    Prepare a list for what you need before you sign away the deed.
    Cause it’s not going to stop ,it’s not going to stop, it’s not going to stop ,
    Till you Wise Up.
    No, it’s not going to stop, till you Wise Up, No, it’s not going to stop
    So Just Give Up.

    Aimee Mann “WISE UP”

  • Germany for ron paul

  • Does that mean that Mitt Romney paid the insurance and the rent?

  • real clear politics is just lies bet Mitt Romney paid them of like a asshole

  • So then, pick the cleaner of the dirty shirts, nevermind that it is stained and soiled with hypocrisy, lies & deceit.
    What you obviously don’t understand is a vote for Mitt is a vote for Obama! 2 peas in a pod, so why in heavens name would anyone in their right mind support more of the same??
    It’s about what is best for the country, and not what’s best for the GOP – but then again, if you were a true RP supporter, you would of course know this.

    Turn off your TV!