And Then There Were Two: Ron Paul and Mitt Romney

  • M. Youngs

    Ron Paul you should be supporting Romney so we can defeat Obama. Don’t take away any independent voters!


  • Washingtonian here… as bad as it sounds i have never even registered to vote. this is my first year, and i got no issues saying i will be voting for Ron Paul.

  • The Thief broke into a house in the year 1971 a.d. and stole the Missing-In-Action (M.I.A.) Ron Paul’s name and house papers and money and 41 years later in the year 2012 a.d. tries to become U.S. President with that name !!!

  • I find no fault in your viewpoints, but your lack of maturity is glaring.

  • Really? Because I refuse to subscribe to the status quo, I’m somehow a child? Quit being a GOP ass jocky.

  • Surfisher

    Rmoney = FRAUD…!

    Caught on tape!
    Fraudulent imposter with Fake Pass planted by Romney, passing around FRAUD ballots at Nevada state convention caught on camera in detail:

    • Surfisher

      Blow dealt to Rmoney over the weekend!

      Ron Paul gains 44 more Delegates — Rmoney gets only 6 !!!

      Rmoney’s camp Attempt TO DEFRAUD the Elections — by sending plants using FAKE delegate badges and circulating FAKE delegate slates, and even impersonating real delegates — BACKFIRES! It only helped to galvanize The People in further rejecting Perfidy Mitt!

      Paul —148

      As of May 7th:
      Paul —192

      More good news for Ron Paul — according to RNC rule #38, the Mitt has probably lost about 50 bound delegates to him; while Ron Paul has probably gained that number.

      Therefore, it could be that the more accurate numbers are:

      Paul —242

      Fox New’s REALITY CHECK Show is the source for the above numbers. Watch this video and pay attention the explanation of Rule #38 (from minute 3:15 till end of video –4:23).

  • Terri Thomas

    @ Alamo Buck…You are an idiot & need to do your research before leaving a misinformed comment…DUH!

  • Terri Thomas

    Since it IS obvious & there IS proof that “Camp Romney” was caught cheating…we need to press the issue & DEMAND he be disqualified!

  • you little idiot, not all 300milion americans donate to ron paul, otherwise he would win the election if they did.. grow up and get some friends pall.. only idiots like you would vote romney fucking jew-boy go suck dick on israelis

  • these ron paul people all have balls. good work guys

  • We need to change these insane GOP rules. Or just all go Libertarian.

  • in your opinion, which is worthless.

  • Surfisher

    Four easy steps to assure Ron Paul wins in 2012:

    Ron Paul wins 22 out of 25 delegates in Nevada!

    Lessons learned HOW TO ASSURE a GOP Convention is properly run (so Ron Paul is not cheated of TRUE delegates by the desperate frauds committed by Rmoney’s PLANTS!):

    1) Have two or more patrolling the venue to CATCH Mitt’s goons trying to pass FAKE PAPER COPIES (as they did in Maine and Nevada) and have them removed from the premisses (making sure each one is photographed/ video taped/ live stream shown…so they can be identified later).

    2) Make sure all Badges are legitimate (not ink-jet printed FAKES) before ANY are allowed to be heard at the Convention.

    3) Tape ALL proceedings (from many angles!) — even better to have them live-streamed to thousands outside. See how to easily set up live-streaming by watching the last video — “my setup”.

    4) Stay till the VERY END — make sure you (the Ron Paul supporters) are the LAST ones to leave the building (because, in the last few minutes, Mitt’s Goons will try to ANNUL the Actual Delegates Elected, and by subterfuge replace them with their own fake delegates)!

    After spending about six hours watching eight videos from USTREAM (Nevada Convention) — the above are my conclusions!

    See them for yourself below to form your own:

  • “…he isn’t the same Mitt..” – of course he isn’t, he’s telling you what you WANT to hear cos he is running for an election!
    Yes he’s proposing cuts.. for the wealthy! .. on the backs of seniors and the middle class.
    He’s a proven flip-flopping liar! Look at his history, what a shameful voting record, and now you’re swallowing the rhetoric from a Goldman Sacks candidate??
    My eyes are wide open friend, I would suggest you open yours.
    Unless you’re a Mitt fan in disguise, cos that’s how it looks

  • Well, with “420” in your name, I don’t have to wonder what it is you are smoking. LOL! Of course, having a strong libertarian streak, I fully support the legalization of that substance, but that is a whole different topic.

  • Please pay more attention to what Mitt actually says rather than what his detractors say about him. He is proposing huge cuts. I used to say the things you are saying about him, until I opened my eyes one day and realized he isn’t the same Mitt that governed Massachusetts. He has evolved and now would make a much better leader than even he would have been in 2008.

    • Bill Plat

      Yes he is the same Romney. Son you have been had and you need to wake up and smell the roses. I was a Republican until I realize what was going on. There is not one hairs difference between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Don’t buy into that story Romney is selling you. He is status quo and status quo is going to bring this country to its knees. Ask your self this. Do you want some one in the white house who is willing to out right cheat at the Nevada Convention? I will be at the National Convention, I have been through the process of getting there from A to Z. The RP supporters I saw never cheated. They used the Republican rules and beat them at there own game. I witnessed the Republican Party try and pull ever dirty trick in the book. The Republican Party and Romney are as crooked as a dogs hind leg. You need to wake up and quit buying into this trash they are selling you.

  • Okay, thank you for your silly input. Now go back to playing with your GI Joes and your Star Wars action figures until you grow up a little.

  • Dr. Paul takes the prize…Liberty prevails and we get rid of the NDAA and all the other egregious acts.

  • There’s not a snowballs chance in hell that I will support Romney. With all due respect sir, Fuck you.

  • Please don’t be a fool man.. labels don’t matter! Both are for increasing the size of the government, both are for perpertual wars and the industrial military complex, both are Goldman Sack candidates, both will continue spending and won’t cut a damn thing!… but no, let my brainwashed propagandized mind differentiate the 2 with labels of liberal and conservative, capitalist and communist.

    If you’re a RP supporter, then ACT like one!