Ron Paul: Demographic Shift Doesn’t Frighten Me One Bit; Liberty Will Prevail

  • what r u talking about the economy sucks a whole. just because ur well off doesnt mean every1 else is this is the worst time since the great depression and it isnt getting any better.

  • they take down one youtube channel and 20 more popup!!!! FUCK YOU MAINSTREAM MEDIA AND YOUR LIES, RON PAUL IS RESTORING THE WORLD TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Youtube deletes RonPaul2008dotcom (123.000+ subs & 50 Million Views) & RonPaul2012Revolt (1100+ subs): watch?v=Fyv1uwYWNCk

  • Youtube deletes RonPaul2008dotcom (123.000+ subs & 50 Million Views) & RonPaul2012Revolt (1100+ subs): watch?v=Fyv1uwYWNCk

  • Surfisher

    Watch REAL AMERICANS — ALL for Ron Paul!

    The controlled media will never show this — since FREEDOM means an end to their Masters!

    Good link (shows conservative postulations, not ones overblown in Ron Paul’s favor)

    As of 4/29 Rmoney has only 573 bound delegates!

    I’d expect that about 75% form Rick’s and Newt’s would go to Ron Paul (even though Newt will most likely end his political career today by endorsing Mitt).

    I’ll STATE NOW that Rmoney will not acquire the 1144 BOUND needed to avoid a Brokered Convention!

  • go Ron Paul! Belgium is behind you!

  • can you imagine the momentum he would have if he any positive media attention?!?!? This is like the economy, despite the media and the government we are still doing well.

  • If it somehow is it’s not thanks to the government. The government would put cameras everywhere if they could afford to (and if liberty-minded people wouldn’t break them the second they were put up).

  • Respect Ron Paul


  • Perry just moved the bet to the next dead horse.

  • Surfisher

    Newt supposedly will officially withdraw today.

    Your take on how this may affect Ron Paul?

    [(Newt is a sly one, so his delaying is most likely due to making the best deals for himself…before he officially makes the inevitable announcement. Here is some food for thought:

    1) Cutting a deal with Rmoney to become his VP — looks like a strong ticket against BO (would Rmoney accept him after their spats…?)

    2) Becoming Ron Paul’s VP — this looks like a winning ticket that may just topple Rmoney even before Tampa (but will Ron Paul accept him with all that baggage….?)]

  • If the media had not lied plus its bias reporting Ron Paul would be hands down Winner!!

  • RON PAUL (( i ll WRITE him in dammit))

  • Opening questing: Why are you still running?

    Because we’re raking in delegates and win or lose, we have no intention of voting for another puppet.

  • I don’t see Mexico as a bedrock of liberty.

  • Liberty comes with understanding and historical tradition. When Americas demographic changes and white people beome a minority the nation will inevatably begin a natural decline into third world status. This is very obvious when you see Dr Pauls support is well over 90% white.

  • If people where smart they would realize that Ron Paul will put more money back in your paycheck.

  • You cant keep a good man down…… UK supporting you Ron.

  • go Ron Paul! Australia is behind you!