Ron Paul: The Cat Is Out Of The Bag! – This Revolution Continues With or Without Me

  • I get a sense Ron Paul is not trying to get elected, as much as he is trying to make a change that needs to made to help all of America. Tell me one thing. Would you rather vote for someone who is trying to get the job, or someone who is inspired to lead the people in the direction that is needed to help?


  • ** Chantilly Freedom Fest 2012 **

    Invite your favorite liberty speaker to attend and encourage Ron Paul to be the guest of honor 31 May – 01 June. (Oh by the way Bilderberg will be in town on those days..)

    Tell everyone today !!

  • john from europe

    putting ordinary people in deep a new slavery……and its more effective…

  • Ron Paul is right this is going parabolic and thank “God” Ron helped us by keeping the fire burning all these years while the people slept.

  • Hey, give Obama credit where credit is due! He gave us change… things like more Patriot Act, more wars, the NDAA, lovely presidential directives, etc.

  • john from europe

    “This Revolution Continues With or Without Me”

    wondering why Ron is saying this???…..
    we know… who was messing with the Fed…
    en what happened to them…..

    …They cant kill us all !!!!

    Ron Paul: The Cat Is Out Of The Bag!

    what hippies knew then….we know tooooo

    we are 99%…we are manny…

  • john from europe

    The Cat Is Out Of The Bag

    we are 99%

    we move slow…we will go far !!

  • they banned ronpaul2008dotcom and moxnewsd0tcom, lets stop CISPA.

  • That fact that our government still lies about Cannabis is mind boggling! The science is in, it is medicine. Anybody who says different is lying or ignorant.

  • Surfisher

    Newt supposedly will officially withdraw today.

    Your take on how this may affect Ron Paul?

    [(Newt is a sly one, so his delaying is most likely due to making the best deals for himself…before he officially makes the inevitable announcement. Here is some food for thought:

    1) Cutting a deal with Rmoney to become his VP — looks like a strong ticket against BO (would Rmoney accept him after their spats…?)

    2) Becoming Ron Paul’s VP — this looks like a winning ticket that may just topple Rmoney even before Tampa (but will Ron Paul accept him with all that baggage….?)]

  • The whole marijuana thing is stupid. He’s about states rights, not ” legalizing ” marijuana

  • Dr Paul is handling the media really well

  • Sorry fr going totally off-topic, but… THUMBS UP if you thought he is wearing prisoner clothing when clicking on the thumb 🙂 Ron Paul 2012! 😉

  • at the end of the video… “wonderfull ill be glad.” what a nice guy

  • MEOW !


  • 4:07-4:14

    ” a true philosophic revolution ”


    Ron Paul

  • 4:07-4:14

    ” a true philosophic revolution ”


    Ron Paul

  • Whatever the drug, Darwins Law is substantially less devastating and costly than Federal laws.

  • Obama on change WTF has he done, are only hope is Ron Paul 2012

  • RP LIberty Or Slavery….choose Liberty (its alot better)