Ron Paul: We’ve Had to Fight against the Republican Status Quo

  • john from europe

    Ron Paul IS the answer.


  • John

    GO RON GO!

  • I already told You; is a FAN SITE…
    ronpaul2012 com is the official one.

    It’s still equally annoying since they care to take down the videoclips posted by the biggest fan site of his supporters but don’t care to remove seperate individuals channels. It’s purely political in my opinion.

  • John Galt

    Note to Mitt “Cock Catcher Mitt” Romney: You wife is a filthy whore.

    • Peter

      John Galt, nice try, but one strike, you’re out!

  • CIA ran operation ‘Air America’ for years! The US now has soldiers GUARDING, not burning/destroying opium poppy fields in Afghanistan so they can run the Heroin trade. The British did it a century ago to get the Chinese addicted to it so they could get their hands on the Tea market.

    Names change but shit stays the same.

  • #smashstatusquo

  • robin

    Just got our ballots today and ready to vote for Ron Paul. Going door=to=door this week to deliver 200 or so pamphlets and a comparison sheet between Paul and Romney. I’m working on the GOP status quo in my own area. Local politics…Just got a county commissioner candidate to vote for Ron Paul and to listen to Ben Swann. Has watched Fox News and Bill O’Reilly forever and has been thoroughly brainwashed. Change comes with one person at a time. So many people are not rational in terms of who they vote for. This older man was going to vote for Michele Bachman and then Newt Gingrich. Oh my, much work to do while we are in the GOP party in our local area. Supporting another local GOP candidate for county commissioner that knows about UN Agenda 21, is fiscally responsible and believes in the constitution and less government. Never thought I’d be supporting a republican as a former liberal democrat. Paradigm shift in thinking since 9/11.

    • Surfisher

      robin —


      Kudos on all your hard work — you are a true patriot!

    • Surfisher

      Newt supposedly will officially withdraw today.

      Your take on how this may affect Ron Paul?

      [(Newt is a sly one, so his delaying is most likely due to making the best deals for himself…before he officially makes the inevitable announcement. Here is some food for thought:

      1) Cutting a deal with Rmoney to become his VP — looks like a strong ticket against BO (would Rmoney accept him after their spats…?)

      2) Becoming Ron Paul’s VP — this looks like a winning ticket that may just topple Rmoney even before Tampa (but will Ron Paul accept him with all that baggage….?)]

      • Scott R

        I don’t see how Paul would ever except Neut as VP. They’ve got nothing in common other then party affiliation.

    • Scott R

      Hey Robin… FWIW, I was once called a liberal in one of my college economics classes. There is a BIG difference between having compasion for poor people and being an out-right socialist. It is crazy, but right now the majority of Americans actually believe that it is better if the government spends their money for them… either directly thru taxation or indirectly thru the low-interest rate monitary policy / printing / bail outs / creating money on of thin air… to pay for our entitlements. What people don’t realize is that the USD gets weaker when you do that and the dollars you have left after all of the taxation buy even less.

      We are at the end of the debt bubble which has been fueled for years by the FED’s policy of growth through inflation. We are hitting real-world headwinds with the economics of oil becoming more important.

      There are limits to this planet. Just like in nature when a species finds it’s equalibrium, so will humans on a global scale. Only Paul sees that under the current econimic system, we are forcing everyone to buy risky investments to keep up with inflation. That is no good for the poor, and keeps the capital of the top 1% growing and the wealth continues to shift from the poor and middle class to the rich. It is total BS.

      Finally we see big brother type “moves” as if they know there will be another collapse and they are preparing for a power grab at that time to “ensure our safety”.

      Ron Paul IS the answer.

  • BS it’s not his official site. His other site called RonPaul(.com) links ONLY to that Youtube page, yet we’re supposed to believe it’s just a “fan page”?

    That’s BS. Every video, and all the free speech attached to that account has been wiped off the books by these fascists, and there are people attempting to minimize that crime by calling it a “fan page” Youtube is a BS farce, and it’s destroyed it’s entire business model in an attempt to shut down free speech. Where is “news and politics”?

  • They didn’t that I know of. They took down a fan based YT-Account.

    ronpaul2008dotcom is NOT the official channel of the campaign !

  • Do not forget the two planes from the CIA with a combined tonnage of COKE at 7 tons!
    7 tons of cocaine on CIA planes???

  • Youtube needs to face justice for taking down a Presidential candidates official campaign page.

  • United!!! I for one minute don’t succumb to what ‘they’ say about you and their direct lack to not even recognize you. My vote is for RON PAUL 2012


  • ron paul 2012 is still up…. it ronpaul2008 that they took down. that one had a shitload of videos on it.

  • they took the mother ship

  • make another back up man! the minute i saw this i was happy to know your posting here 🙂

  • hat happend to the RONPAUL2012


  • theres also ronpaulusa i believe..

  • Let’s just hope that Youtube is not gonna ban this channel also