Ron Paul: Young People Have a Healthy Disregard for Big Government

  • Surfisher

    Please, advise Ron Paul of the following:

    1) We will continue to invest our precious time and hard-earned money to the Ron Paul Campaign (since our Future depends on Ron Paul winning).

    2) We are strong, and justifiably energized, individuals that believe in our ability to succeed without having our hands held in each step leading to the State’s Convention.

    3) However, we DEMAND that at least two Senior Campaign Staff members be sent and PRESENT at EACH State Convention (one, a Parliamentary Procedures Expert, and one that oversees and guides us through the pitfalls and traps, that the GOP in collusion with Mitt have set).

    4) Bombarding Texas with Ads against flip-flopping anti-gun Mitt (spend most of the money we’ve sent you — since Texas is a do-or-die State).

    Posters here have properly stated — we have given our blood, sweat, tears and money to this Just Cause — so, do what we ask in return!

  • Surfisher

    Shocker In Tampa — Ron Paul Wins!

    These WILL be the headlines next day — here is why:

    According to RNC Rule #38 — at the Tampa Convention NONE of the Delegates are ACTUALLY Bound! Delegates can vote according to their own judgment and conscience — and are NOT bound to vote according to how most delegates from their state vote.

    Precedent was set in 2008 Utah by Legal Council for the RNC (stating: The RNC does not recognize a state’s binding of national delegates, but considers each delegate a free agent who can vote for whoever they choose).

    Also, the Republican (and Democratic) Parties are Private Organizations — so voting within a party is NOT bound by Election Law!

    What does this mean? It clearly shows that ANY or ALL delegates can abstain from voting in the 1st round. Or in other words — Bye-bye Mitt !!!

    What do we need to do? Push for as many more delegate wins for Ron Paul as humanly possible — so a Ron Paul victory in Tampa is assured!

    But most importantly NOW — SHARE this information (spread it like wildfire)!

  • Cheryl Peet

    I have spent hours on different commit boards in support of Ron Paul. I hope that helps. I m a 68 year old widow raising 4 orphaned grandchildren so don’t have extra to give but will do what I can. I can keep letting people know how important this election is . I will keep letting why I am behind Ron Paul. I just hope we have enough time to get people to wake up. I know they are starting to I just hope it’s soon enough

  • Surfisher

    Blow dealt to Rmoney over the weekend!

    Ron Paul gains 44 more Delegates — Rmoney gets only 6 !!!

    Rmoney’s camp Attempt TO DEFRAUD the Elections — by sending plants using FAKE delegate badges and circulating FAKE delegate slates, and even impersonating real delegates — BACKFIRES! It only helped to galvanize The People in further rejecting Perfidy Mitt!

    Paul —148

    As of May 7th:
    Paul —192

    More good news for Ron Paul — according to RNC rule #38, the Mitt has probably lost about 50 bound delegates to him; while Ron Paul has probably gained that number.

    Therefore, it could be that the more accurate numbers are:

    Paul —242

    Fox New’s REALITY CHECK Show is the source for the above numbers. Watch this video and pay attention the explanation of Rule #38 (from minute 3:15 till end of video –4:23).


  • Geheimish Verbotten

    If Mitt Romney DOES get the Republican nominaton, Obama will eat his lunch, spit it out and have Romney for dinner. Romney is no match for Obama. Romney has so many weaknesses that Ignatz Mucklefutz could win against him. I just heard the first ad from the Obama camp against Romney and it was devistating. However, Obama would not be able to run this ad against RON PAUL. The situation would be reversed. RON PAUL would have Obama for dinner. How do you run against a person who has ethics, who is honest, and consistent for the last 30 years. Obama wouldn’t stand a chance against RON PAUL. If you really want Obama out, then you’ll need RON PAUL. Romney has too many open skeletons everywhere.

  • Surfisher

    Four easy steps to assure Ron Paul wins in 2012:

    Ron Paul wins 22 out of 25 delegates in Nevada!

    Lessons learned HOW TO ASSURE a GOP Convention is properly run (so Ron Paul is not cheated of TRUE delegates by the desperate frauds committed by Rmoney’s PLANTS!):

    1) Have two or more patrolling the venue to CATCH Mitt’s goons trying to pass FAKE PAPER COPIES (as they did in Maine and Nevada) and have them removed from the premisses (making sure each one is photographed/ video taped/ live stream shown…so they can be identified later).

    2) Make sure all Badges are legitimate (not ink-jet printed FAKES) before ANY are allowed to be heard at the Convention.

    3) Tape ALL proceedings (from many angles!) — even better to have them live-streamed to thousands outside. See how to easily set up live-streaming by watching the last video — “my setup”.

    4) Stay till the VERY END — make sure you (the Ron Paul supporters) are the LAST ones to leave the building (because, in the last few minutes, Mitt’s Goons will try to ANNUL the Actual Delegates Elected, and by subterfuge replace them with their own fake delegates)!

    After spending about six hours watching eight videos from USTREAM (Nevada Convention) — the above are my conclusions!

    See them for yourself below to form your own:


  • I’m so glad that I got to see him speak at the University of Houston.

  • I’m so glad that I got to see him speak at the University of Houston.


  • Im saveing up some money next money bomb hes got it!!

  • sarcasm …. why would he be surcastic … stupid mainstream media …

  • sarcasm …. why would he be surcastic … stupid mainstream media …

  • on barrackobama’s channel they approve post but not on the whitehouse channel