Ron Paul to Paul Krugman: Inflation Is Theft

  • You have to kill Paul Krugman.

  • Ron Rocks!!
    I wish I had half the balls this man has

  • Surfisher

    Share this (to dispel what trolls do in bashing the LEGAL acquisition of Delegates for Ron Paul)!

    Seems trolls do not understand (or pretend no to) our safeguarded election process.

    Here it is in general terms (simplified):

    1) There is a popular vote (The Many choosing their candidates).

    2) Then, the Decisions of the Many are handed to the delegates (the Qualified Few), who deem if there is merit to the popular vote or just a mob’s folly.

    3) Accordingly, the delegates cast their votes to reflect the meritorious ones.

    This instituted CHECK of Mob Rule is what has kept us as a Free Republic….until recently, and HOPEFULLY AGAIN! (The Ignorant Many can be mislead by TONS of Ads by an Attractive Politician who promises what THEY want to hear (but never intends to do — that’s where The Intelligent Few come in, and The Delegates determine if MERIT is to be assigned)).

    Recommended reading: Plato’s “Republic” and J.S. Mill’s “On Liberty”


  • Alex Jones is now saying that Ron Paul supporters are little nerds who sit in their mother’s basements, eating hot pockets, fooling around on the computer all day.

    WOW! sounds like Beck.

    What a nutcase Jones is turning out to be. Ron Paul supporters are the most active group of political people I’ve seen in my life and I’m old enough to be Jones’s daddy. I think he’s confusing R P people with an earlier version of himself

    Everyone needs to tell Jones to stop saying Ron Paul can’t win!

  • Keynesianism and fabian marxism are creations of the anglosphere elite mercantile banking cabel that’s been around for centuries. The IMF, UN and BIS along w/ the fed res are all money power creations. Keynes was a dimwit and krugman is a dunce. Everyone read Mises, Rothbard, Hoppe, Dr. Paul and all other Austrian school scholars before its really too late. Stop global governance now. Peace not war.

  • 8:30 – Paul Krugman:”I have no idea what’s this about.”
    He’s a professor for economics and does not know what the competition of private currencies ,that Hayek advertised, is about? He probably does not know about the Austrian Business Cycle Theory either. No wonder America is having one failed economic policy after the other, when all economists have to learn keynesian economics without alternatives…

  • That was an satiric comment right?

  • French Canadian

    Ron Paul is a great debater and he knows his stuff. Obama wouldn’t stand a chance against him.

    • Surfisher

      Watch how easily Ron Paul dismantles the dogma of “Professor” Krugman (from Princeton…no-one can possibly claim the REAL title of Legitimate Professor from this Nest of Political Correctness Indoctrination “School”)?!

      By extrapolation (since one of the most venomous creatures in America — Krugman — was so easily disposed of) Ron Paul will make mince-meat out of BO (who can hardly speak coherently without a teleprompter)!

      Share this as an assurance that Ron Paul will destroy in any debate the current occupier of the White House — the BO!


    • Surfisher

      I’m ashamed to say that we are no longer ‘Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave’ but by MOB RULE have become: “Land of the Oppressed and the Home of the Meek”!

      Unless Ron Paul WINS (which will amount to a Miracle, since The Ones In Power, that are occupying Our Nation, are doing their best by hook-and-crook to PREVENT it) IT WILL ONLY GET WORSE!

      A TRUE POLICE STATE that controls ALL “Citizens” (by then, the proper term will be SUBJECTS)!

      It will be Historically Termed as: ROMNEY’S REVENGE (when he looses to BO)!

      Fight for Ron Paul to win in 2012, or face this as a prelude of ‘Things to Come’:

  • Ron Paul Kicks Ass again

  • man that krugman he’s a devious manipulative guy you can see him shifting around like he’s a fucking psycho

    • AdamGmoney

      He doesn’t blink…..


    Ron Paul for president… You know Obama just seeks power…

  • Krugman is an idiot but most of econmists are these days. Ron Paul now or never!!

  • Ron Paul owning them as usual!!!

  • i’d like to see obama or romney have the guts to debate krugman

  • Krugman is a egocentric Ivy League FOOL! Did he predict the economic disaster? NO but Ron Paul did. “That not my understanding of….” he says. WHO CARES about you and your corrupt friends! Your used to your students sucking up to you all day long! Your legacy will be void forever beneath the sands of time! God I hate arrogance!

  • Ron Paul is too smart and honest for these Scrubs!!!

  • It makes me sick how 99% of the politicians fight for keeping the fed, they see life without the fed and without taxes, they see themselves having to go and get a proper job – oh no we cant let that happen.

  • The economic bubble created by the first Bush administration with the FEDS , and then continued in the so called “great market” under Clinton, and finally bursting in 2008 has bankrupt this country. All he wants, and quiet frankly, able to ever get, is spending to 2006 levels! These cuts would preserve Medicare and Medicade. We may never see a govt that can actually sustain itself.