Ron Paul to Paul Krugman: Inflation Is Theft

  • They can say it because they are ruthless, lying, opportunistic, international Jews.

    Read Henry Ford’s “The International Jew”

    It will all be clear as sunshine how America, how EXACTLY we got this way.

  • Surfisher

    FRAUD = Rmoney!

    Romney Camp Circulates Fake List of Paul Delegate Nominees at Maine GOP


  • French Canadian

    Great 5 minutes video:

    “MUST WATCH Micro Documentary by Libertarian Film Maker and Activist Fabian4Liberty. If you like this video and its message HELP MAKE THIS VIDEO GO VIRAL email a link to everyone you know and post on social media.”

    “If I Wanted America To Be A Dictatorship”

    • Surfisher

      Cheating Rmoney — what else is new…?!

      This is a Prosecutor’s Bonanza! From Jennifer Taylor’s recordings — several lawsuits can be successfully filed. Federal Crime to fraudulently influence an election’s result (a Felony); State and possible Federal Crime to falsify ‘Registered Mark’ documents; Federal and State Crime to Falsely take someone’s Identity (Jennifer Taylor needs to identify the woman that Impersonated her, and the Other Impersonators that did so to The Legitimate Ones, on the Count ANNOUNCED as TRUE; the Voice accepting these FAKE “refusals for nomination” of Ron Paul needs to be pinned to the individual (so his Name and Address can also be tied as Collusion to Defraud)! Very important to have Exact Name and accurate address — in order to file lawsuits expeditiously!

      All of these need to be leaned on to admit they worked under Romney’s DIRECT Orders — or face long terms in jail!

      After all, it is Romney we need to put in Jail (since he’s the General that gave the orders TO DEFRAUD, if not, THAN HE IS THE ONE THAT CAN’T CONTROL HIS OWN TROOPS — THE FAULT STILL LAYS WITH HIM)!

      HERE IS THE GOOD NEWS — the Weakest Link has been SPOTTED (see video count from 3:14 to 3:21).

      This Young Man MUST be Confronted with these ONLY Options: become Rmoney’s sacrificial lamb, and spend your Life in a Federal Prison (till you grow old and gray); OR get Amnesty by testifying Against Romney, that you were put up to do this on HIS BEHALF!


  • How can you say you belive in the free market, when you also believe in the total control of the market’s vital resource – the money?

  • Ron Paul wins yet another debate.

  • Did you ever see a man cut another guy’s balls off and feed it to him one by one? Well now you have.

  • Krugman is an idiot.

  • Jose

    Host: “…these pillars of Economic thought”
    Both Pauls: “The hell he is!”

  • dumb shit like krugman is the reason the world is crippled with debt. a real educated loser

  • DR Paul: HADUKEN!

  • you can go to jail for using gold/silver as money … see Liberty Dollar fiasco:
    “Von NotHaus guilty on all counts; Could face over 15 years in prison”

  • French Canadian

    Kevin Merck,

    It is the second time I see you spreading false information about Alex Jones on this site. But you won’t fool me. I listen everyday to his show and also to his Nightly News.

    What you are refering to, that sentence: “little nerds who sit in their mother’s basements, eating hot pockets, fooling around on the computer all day.”… he said that yesterday about the TROLLS who are invading his site and starting fights in the comments section of his blogsite with Ron Paul’s supporters.

    And Alex Jones doesn’t say that Ron Paul can’t win. On the contrary, he keeps saying that Ron Paul has clearly been the Front Runner since the start , but that the Establishment has been cheating him all along and that they will keep doing it till the end. For Alex, the reality is that Ron Paul has already won in a landslide.

    I may be French, but it seems that I understand English better than you.

  • circustrainer

    How much has it cost the taxpayers around the globe to pay the interest that the ECB,IMF and FED RES have added to the global money supply. The interest to the fed res is somewhere around 1.2 trillion in interest…..that your fed income tax goes towards. If someone has a link to the correct amount interest owed the fed res please post it .

  • French Canadian

    “In a stunning move, the Republican National Committee has warned that it may refuse to allow the entire delegation for Nevada to be seated at the national convention for fear that Ron Paul supporters have taken control of the state.”

    RNC Preempts Ron Paul Win in Nevada, Threatens to Shut Delegates Down

  • Krugman is a moron. It’s unbelievable that someone could be this foolish…

  • No surprise there. Jones was always just a religious sensationalist reporter. Most of us never expected much and I don’t think Paul did that either even though he was on his show a lot of times.

  • Krugman is a member of the Synagog of Satan. He is one of those described in REV 2:9 and 3:9. He is a willing ignorant puppet, just like the whole Bush family, the Clintons, and the foreigner who has hijacked the white house. As long as the illegal state of Israel is allowed to exist, we will have to fight tooth and nail for what liberties we can salvage. Rothschild (Mayer Amschtel) should have been executed by the French and the English before he had the opportunity to breed more parasites. Ron Paul is the only current candidate that will stand up to his offspring. If/when he wins the election, a security force unlike any other in history needs to be provided to protect him from the Banksters hit men.

    Go Ron Paul 2012

    • AdamGmoney

      I am a Jew for Ron Paul! Israel is not an illegal state, wherever you come up with that non-sense.

      Krugman is a Putz!

  • It was on his friday radio show about half way through. I think it was right after the interview with Chrlie Daniels.

    He said that there were comments he read about Ron Paul supporters wanting to know why he wasn’t covering Ron Paul and that was his retort.

    He’s really getting hard to listen to. I keep track of what he says in an effort to expose his true nature as much as possible and to listen to his guests and callers who are all more intelligent than he is.

  • Krugman’s policy favor the elite. Krugman’s policy keeps the rich gaining record yeilds while the working man will not even afford a days food for a days pay. Kill everyone who supports these lies. The policy effects the third world countries and will effect our poor too.

  • when was this? i must see it!