Ron Paul to Paul Krugman: Inflation Is Theft

  • Write in Ron! Write in Ron! Write in Ron!

  • French Canadian

    Ron Paul Could Still Win Enough Delegates To Deny Mitt Romney The Republican Nomination


    In some states, Ron Paul supporters have been getting elected into delegate slots that are supposed to go to Romney. This is highly unusual, and it could really shake things up at the national convention. As a Salon article recently explained there will be quite a few Ron Paul supporters that will actually be going to Tampa “disguised” as Romney delegates….

    But those delegates are required to vote for Romney, right?

    Not so fast.

    The Ron Paul campaign could actually ask those “disguised” Romney delegates to abstain during the first round of voting in Tampa. If Romney did not win on the first ballot, those delegates would then become unbound and would be able to support Ron Paul.

    In fact, Ronald Reagan considered using this tactic against Gerald Ford in 1976. The following is from a 1976 article entitled“Reagan Forces May ‘Steal’ Ford Votes”….

    “In secret strategy sessions, Reagan aides have toyed with the idea of asking delegates to abstain as long as their state laws require them to honor the primary verdicts. This would prevent the President from riding up an early-ballot victory. Then, in subsequent ballots, they could legally switch to Reagan.

    Delegates have abstained from voting before. Back in 2008, at least 14 delegates abstained from voting at the Republican national convention.”

  • French Canadian

    Romney Operatives Caught Handing Out Fake Ballots In Nevada AND Maine (3 videos)


    “Attempts to divide and disrupt official Ron Paul delegate slates; Romney sends in lawyer that stole election for Bush in 2000”


  • French Canadian

    Ron Paul Wins Big in Nevada, Maine: “The Entire Establishment Should Be Embarassed”


    “Indeed, on May 6, 2012 Ron Paul took 22 of the 25 available delegates in Nevada and 21 of 24 in Maine. Mitt Romney should be totally embarrassed. His lackluster support left no contest for Paul. The entire establishment should be embarrassed that their propaganda has failed so utterly to hoodwink the American people. Their fore-bearers, kings, are rolling in their graves, ashamed.”

  • You CANNOT fuck with Dr. Paul. He knows what the fuck he is talking about when it comes to money that is for sure. Also freedom, liberty, etc. Dr. Paul is the truth. Haters keep hating. If he does not win some how bye bye American citizenship.

  • Krugman is a lying, steaming pile of shit.

  • Debt with no intention to repay is simply a lie. It is deliberate fraud which in this case both parties are in collusion to commit. This collusion to lie to one another does not negate the unreality upon which the lie is based. Lies are not real and reality always catches up with mechanisms constructed out of lies. We will be spanked badly for building on lies. The federal reserve note is an I.O.U. which ultimately it has no intention to honor.

    Who will be left holding the bag? We the people.

  • Way can’t he look at the camera when he is talking… I call BULL SHIT!

  • Way can’t he look at the camera when he is talking… I call BULL SHIT!

  • way past the red line!

  • way past the red line!

  • Krugman is full of shit, enough said

  • Krugman is full of shit, enough said

  • The expansionary monetary policy is basically a giant scheme. Please explain to me how printing more money, without having S to back it, is not fraud.

  • Notice how the mainstream media is starting to show respect towards Dr. Paul?

    Not laughing and mocking anymore are you, you evil scum.

    Mr. Paul, as usual, taking the kids to school and pointing out pure and simple logic backed

    up by empirical evidence.

    We love you President Paul!!!!

  • French Canadian

    “Believe It Or Not – It’s Still Possible for Paul to Score an Upset Win Over Mitt Romney ”

    Ron Paul Is Going to the Republican National Convention (+ video also)

    • Surfisher

      French Canadian — also pass this along!

      Four easy steps to assure Ron Paul wins in 2012:

      Ron Paul wins 22 out of 25 delegates in Nevada!

      Lessons learned HOW TO ASSURE a GOP Convention is properly run (so Ron Paul is not cheated of TRUE delegates by the desperate frauds committed by Rmoney’s PLANTS!):

      1) Have two or more patrolling the venue to CATCH Mitt’s goons trying to pass FAKE PAPER COPIES (as they did in Maine and Nevada) and have them removed from the premisses (making sure each one is photographed/ video taped/ live stream shown…so they can be identified later).

      2) Make sure all Badges are legitimate (not ink-jet printed FAKES) before ANY are allowed to be heard at the Convention.

      3) Tape ALL proceedings (from many angles!) — even better to have them live-streamed to thousands outside. See how to easily set up live-streaming by watching the last video — “my setup”.

      4) Stay till the VERY END — make sure you (the Ron Paul supporters) are the LAST ones to leave the building (because, in the last few minutes, Mitt’s Goons will try to ANNUL the Actual Delegates Elected, and by subterfuge replace them with their own fake delegates)!

      After spending about six hours watching eight videos from USTREAM (Nevada Convention) — the above are my conclusions!

      See them for yourself below to form your own:

  • I have never thought of inflation as theft. But that is exactly what it is.

  • French Canadian

    Paul Wins Nevada and Maine Despite Sabotage Effort by Republicans (+ video)

  • circustrainer

    How much interest is owed the fed res since 2008 bailout? From all the dilution of the dollar for the past 4 years it has to be a lot. Anyone know how much? Post a link if you know.