Ron Paul to Paul Krugman: Inflation Is Theft

  • How can you argue w this loser, seriously? Id get pissed off just talking to him.. This guys on tv?? The news?? Wtf is going on.. So frustrating!!

  • The way we got over the depression was less spending, bringing the troops home and liquidating the debt. This was the prosperous America his parents luved through. Now he saying if we have less spending it wouldnt help but hurt and prolong the recession?? What a effn joke. People like that deserve to have their asses kicked or their credentials stripped. Choose 1!!

  • It’s no surprise people have forgotten about the Long Depression from 1873-1879 and then the Panic of 1893 as pre-Fed recessions/depression. I like Ron Paul’s foreign policy, I’m a bit more reserved when it comes to his libertarian economic and social ideas, but it’s in the interests of Ron Paul supporters to temper their enthusiasm because otherwise, if you make grand, unsupported statements like this on the news and are exposed as lying or miseducated, that wouldn’t look good.

  • Surfisher

    Sign petition!

    Just spoke extensively with Jeff Bales (520) 465-3645 — super nice guy (erudite and logical)! Here is the run down:

    1) He initiated the Call for Resignation of RNC Chairman Reince Priebus (Due to violation of the RNC’s Rule #11).

    2) Other members in agreement started the Petition (given above) ASKING for consensus to have Reince Priebus RESIGN.

    3) If Reince Priebus does not resign QUICKLY — by the mounting pressure of this Petition (that’s why ALL need to sign it) — he has also contacted Ron Paul’s Camp with this info.

    Ron Paul being the INJURED Party — is the most likely ONE to quickly succeed in winning a legal action! (Others, CONFIRMED Delegates ONLY, could also start legal proceedings on their behalf — but, it is advisable they coordinate with Ron Paul’s legal staff).


  • John

    @L Parker
    Dr. Paul does not promise us a rosegarden…we have to suffer too…we..USA.. are broke.

    who would you rather suffer for?…..someone who knows we are broke and is making progress to get us out of deep shit……..or for someone who gambles 10.000 $ a time?…and doesnot know whats going on en is a puppet for the big banks and their friends…

    maybe you should stay here a bit longer …you might learn a bit…

    • L Parker

      Learn a bit? Of what? Jubilation at uninformed idealism? Hubris isn’t the best way start the journey.

      And what do you mean by “who would you rather suffer for?” As if the voter somehow experiences some pain on behalf of the candidate he or she supports? That seems somewhat…strange.

      Your mention of a $10,000 bet seems to indicate that you dutifully follow Mr. Paul because he can relate to you, not because he has the best resume or chances for success. And the US debt isn’t the predominant issue or problem right now, it’s jobs. Maybe you shouldn’t spend so much time here…

    • john

      @l parker: troll alert…have a nice day…!

      • L Parker

        Thank you. Now, I’m concerned that, instead of responding to my questions, you posted “troll alert.” A troll alert applies to someone posting outrageous messages to bait people to answer. I’m attempting to understand your post. Response? Or more evasion…

  • L Parker

    Is anyone here concerned with the way Mr. Paul seems to ramble and repeat himself when he’s asked a question he can’t answer? Perhaps the answer lies in the economics of history, to which we have little facts, and much conjecture. But I guess that’s what “We the People” like.

    • Rachel

      as you can see they never let me speak – grow up and wake up.

  • Surfisher

    Blow dealt to Rmoney over the weekend!

    Ron Paul gains 44 more Delegates — Rmoney gets only 6 !!!

    Rmoney’s camp Attempt TO DEFRAUD the Elections — by sending plants using FAKE delegate badges and circulating FAKE delegate slates, and even impersonating real delegates — BACKFIRES! It only helped to galvanize The People in further rejecting Perfidy Mitt!

    Paul —148

    As of May 7th:
    Paul —192

    More good news for Ron Paul — according to RNC rule #38, the Mitt has probably lost about 50 bound delegates to him; while Ron Paul has probably gained that number.

    Therefore, it could be that the more accurate numbers are:

    Paul —242

    Fox New’s REALITY CHECK Show is the source for the above numbers. Watch this video and pay attention the explanation of Rule #38 (from minute 3:15 till end of video –4:23).

  • Eonomists know as much about economy as astrologists about the universe.
    Ron Paul 2012!

  • Eonomists know as much about economy as astrologists about the universe.
    Ron Paul 2012!

  • Eonomists know as much about economy as astrologists about the universe.
    Ron Paul 2012!

    • L Parker

      I think you should modify that statement to: “Ron Paul and I know about as much about the economy as astrologists about the universe.”

  • First Krugman criticizes Paul (unfairly) for wanting to live 150 years ago, then openly admits that he himself wants to live in the 1950’s. How is that different from wanting to live 150 years ago?
    This is utopian ideology. He believes the state America was in 60 years ago is perfectly sustainable and we must return to that economic state, but at what cost? If it is possible to return to that state why aren’t we in it now? And what about the rest of us who want to live in the imperfect present?

  • French Canadian


    Congratulation to you and your husband for your hard work.

    God Bless!

    • Surfisher

      Video proof of Rmoney = FRAUD…!

      Caught on tape!
      Fraudulent imposter with Fake Pass planted by Rmoney, passing around FRAUD ballots at Nevada state convention caught on camera in detail:


    • Surfisher

      A push needs to be made to get most of Rick’s and Newt’s delegates. Then, Ron Paul’s count could become (as of now):

      Ron Paul — 575
      Rmoney — 683

      Wishful thinking — or a distinct possibility (based on this report — Watch this video and pay attention the explanation of Rule #38 (from minute 3:15 till end of video –4:23).

      (I crunched these numbers using a “Optimism Factor”…just for fun).

  • Tomas

    wow. Ron makes so much sense in this video. It’s all common sense.

  • robin

    My husband and I were appointed to be PCP’s to go to our state convention. Looking forward to doing whatever we can to help Ron Paul. Did lots of canvassing, so now we’ll wait and see and hope that there is not any election or voter fraud in our state. Next week is when mail in ballots need to be sent in. Watch Ben Swann because there’s lots happening with the delegate count and information that delegates are allowed to abstain if they are bound delegates, but the RNC once again is trying to change the rules in the middle of the game by saying if they do this, they will be replaced. Make sure to thank Ben Swann for the excellent job he is doing. You can send me an email or go to his Facebook site. Tell everyone you know to go to his You Tube videos, Facebook or his site on Fox 19.

    • Surfisher

      robin — congrats to you both!!!

      Keep up the fight for Freedom — our Nation’s Future depends on genuine people like yourselves!

      Sincerely yours,


  • canuckguy

    I want Ron Paul to win. You think Romney gives a shit if he wins? He’s already got his money. That guy couldn’t be President of an IHOP. Talk about a robot. When he loses he’ll happily go horse riding or play with his car elevator in his mansion. I mean for fuck sake. I want to see Ron Paul vs Obama and I want to see Obama get his ass smoked in a debate. That would be serious sweetness. The people would then finally know once and for all who the smartest, most experienced, rightful man for the job is. That man is Ron Paul. God speed citizens.

  • Blind Ghost

    Ron…your amazing. seriously i cant think of a better person to run this country. period. there are no other candidates, i voted for you in 08, your were my first choice, and obama the mistake was my second choice.

    but seriously, man, you have such a vast wealth of knowledge, nobody can school u. wheather its politics, economics, or as youve shown here, history.

    i believe in you man, and i also believe the mainstream media is downplaying you in favor of flip flop mitt. keep it up man, you can count on me to be at the polls 7:00 A.M sharp.

    but just dont give up, because seriously ifyour not president this country is doom, cause it cant take anymore.

  • John Galt

    I heard that “Cock Catcher” Mitt Romney sucked a dick in his campaign bus the other day.

  • WTF Krugman, when have we ever had a completely free economy?!

  • Exactly, without the Fed we’d be living in the economic world of 150 years ago, except with newer technological innovations. When was the last time you heard about any depressions before the Fed!!!!!!!!!!

    • L Parker

      Umm, you have read about all the depressions before the fed, right?

  • Listen, Prof. Krugman. You’ll learn something.