Ron Paul Gains Unstoppable Momentum in Battle for GOP Delegates

  • How are Liberal establishment media types the only ones show Ron Paul any love??? Jon Stewart and Bill Maher like Ron Paul, but O`Reilly and Fox News disown him???

  • Ron Paul VS The New World Order!! Who do YOU support!?


  • Ron Paul has my vote.

  • Helemaal mee eens

  • Helemaal mee eens

  • There is chaos at these state conventions and causes because the GOP can’t cheat as they have in these primaries. They create chaos to try and ram through their agendas and are being met with extreme resistance..High time this happened, the apathy is wearing off, people are sick and tired of being ripped off.

  • RON PAUL BABY! Cheering for you from Australia!

  • Ron Paul needs your help guys. he needs to raise $650,000 in 2 weeks, plz donate to his website.

  • I realized how fucking genius Ron Paul’s strategy is. Get his name out into the world in the 2008 elections, he didnt even need to try, he just needed his voice heard, then after a year people started to get to know him more and think, oh hes got a good point, now in 2012 he has millions of people behind him, he knows the GOP will do anything to stop him, so Paul and his massive army of supporters made their voices heard through delegate selection, which the GOP didnt notice till it was too late

  • The RNC Rule 38 it states: “no delegate shall be bound by any attempt of any state or Congressional district to impose the unit rule.” A delegate is free to take exception to the roll call, and was free to vote his or her preference. Simply put Delegates cannot be bound by States when it comes to the National Convention in Florida this year and may vote for whomever they choose weather their on the Partys ticket or not.

  • Ya know, Maddow may be a lefty but she’s fair

  • Mitt Romneys plan and Obamas plan are the same, Ron Paul has the same message of truth, investigate it for yourself. The same interests own media own the dems/reps the people choose Ron Paul in 2012!

  • Thats fucking bad ass

  • Thats fucking bad ass

  • The Netherlands for Ron Paul

  • New Hampshire loves Ron Paul!

  • Surfisher

    Shocker In Tampa — Ron Paul Wins!

    These WILL be the headlines next day — here is why:

    According to RNC Rule #38 — at the Tampa Convention NONE of the Delegates are ACTUALLY Bound! Delegates can vote according to their own judgment and conscience — and are NOT bound to vote according to how most delegates from their state vote.

    Precedent was set in 2008 Utah by Legal Council for the RNC (stating: The RNC does not recognize a state’s binding of national delegates, but considers each delegate a free agent who can vote for whoever they choose).

    Also, the Republican (and Democratic) Parties are Private Organizations — so voting within a party is NOT bound by Election Law!

    What does this mean? It clearly shows that ANY or ALL delegates can abstain from voting in the 1st round. Or in other words — Bye-bye Mitt !!!

    What do we need to do? Push for as many more delegate wins for Ron Paul as humanly possible — so a Ron Paul victory in Tampa is assured!

    But most importantly NOW — SHARE this information (spread it like wildfire)!

  • according to this all delegates are unbound. Check it out. Its a Ben Swann Reality Check with some interesting info.

  • You should see earlier pieces by Maddow on Ron Paul,she was pissed that RP is winning states by winning delegates there,as her believe is since people chose/voted on the ballot for Romney or other candidates,they should win and not RP,she thinks RP his hijacking the US electoral system(prolly cos she dont understand the constitution or the electoral rules).Even in this clip she uses the word coup for RPs party member defeating the Navada chair person and winning delegates where he lost in polls.

  • I hope the U.S. governement is shitting their pants!!