Ron Paul Gains Unstoppable Momentum in Battle for GOP Delegates

  • Are you just regurgitating what you hear from other people? Or do you have a real opinion on things? This guy knows more about the Executive branch than Bush, Obama and Romney combined. . . Not to mention Economics, Foreign policy, and the History of this country.

  • His ideas are too crazy and make no sense and will never get passed even if he gets in

  • Yeah, but im seeing all over the web that he has 10x the support and 2x the donations from military and yet the media still shuts him out.. this makes me sad.

  • Yeah, but im seeing all over the web that he has 10x the support and 2x the donations from military and yet the media still shuts him out.. this makes me sad.

  • i did and he s a fucking idiot

  • he s not winning



  • im going to tampa 😀 check if ur location has rides at ridesforronpaul (dot) com

  • Ron Paul is your smartest choice Americans!!! Stop watching CNN and FOX lies and start looking for info yourselves!

  • I don’t understand how any person can be pro-state rights…it’s called the united states of america, not the seperate states of america, and if ron paul supports state rights he should never be elected to office, nor anyone else. Yet ron paul followers follow him blindly just like obama supporters lol…nothing but a bunch of sheep

  • On more thing. You can read about your “hero” by looking at “the Mitt Romney Report.” Hint: google is your friend. I doubt you’ll look at it because most people cheering on the Mittster have done little or no research on their candidate.

  • Hey blah blah. You think the economy and the erosion of your constitutional rights are going to improve with Mitt Romney? Do you want this guy to win or do you just want to be right? You really are talking out of your A**. Do you have any clue problems Romney caused to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts while he was governor? BTW, you’re a complete retard by using the word “steal” anywhere near Ron Paul. You want to talk about vote manipulation, you should look at your hero, Mitt Romney.

  • Cry about binding votes, etc. Whatever…keep yapping it up and believing in stupid things. Ron Paul didn’t win…he got HIS ass kicked. Paultards gamed the system in order to try to steal delegate votes…. It all doesn’t matter. Rand Paul endorsed Romney. It is OVER motherfuckers!

  • I think you are stupid. The delegates cannot vote for Ron Paul. What did they accomplish? LOL!!!! Trying to game the system, Paultards? It is over! Ron Paul has even said so. Face reality, mothefuckers!

  • “In the great state of Massachusetts less than HALF of Mitt Romney’s delegates were elected to represent him at the convention. Voters instead chose RON PAUL delegates. They even rejected Mr. Romney’s Lieutenant Governor from his time as governor of the state. She lost as a delegate so Ron Paul delegates could win.” Mr. Romney was the 70th governer of Massachusetts. Romney got OWNED by RON PAUL in Massachusetts. Did you watch the video or are you just plain stupid?

  • It’s over, fuckface!!!! Ron Paul admitted he doesn’t have the delegates and Rand Paul endorsed Romney.

    Get with the fucking program called “reality”!

  • the nomination is in August, Jack Ass!

  • Do you really believe that bullshit? Do a google search on what the “left” did in Wisconsin to Scott Walker. After that, please STFU. You don’t know WTF you are talking about.

  • Because the Ron Paul revolution is only in your head.

  • STFU. Too late. Paul didn’t win the nomination.