Ron Paul Supporters Dominate State Conventions; Romney Taken by Surprise

  • prolly their ratings 🙂

  • prolly their ratings 🙂

  • The official support of Mitt Romney is against party rule #11.

  • Talk about Ron Paul to your family your friends, coworkers etc…!!!! Its not over yet…

  • I seriously wanna punch Bret Hume right in the face. He’s so anti Ron Paul.

  • Romney has won nothing yet….and he wont. GO RON PAUL!

  • This freaks me out how theyre reporting Ron Pauls progress. This could mean a few things. Either their ratings are going down, theyre so confident mitt romneys going to win that it doesnt matter if they report about ron paul, or ron paul is actually an evil corrupt anti christ thats gonna screw us over!!!!!!!!!!

  • I know right! “ROMNEY’s CONVENTION” ?? fuck off

  • This proves that Ron Paul has a voice and can win this but remember some states have binding caucuses which mean that even though the delegates may be Paul supporters they will still have to vote for the terrible republican Obama, Romney. But this is still a sign of winning not only for Paul but the cause itself. Our movement is strong and will proceed after Paul’s election.

  • This is the same reporter who asked Ron Paul : “As for Electability, do you have any sir?” in a debate. Suck it, Carl Cameron!

  • The #OccupyWallStreet Deception

    American Autumn Was An Inside Job

  • lol

  • “About electability, do you have any sir?”

    I know eh? heh, you just wanna shoot that lil fucking weasel and his stupid fucking cunt smile.

    Whole system is rigged to flip flop and screw with anything and anyone that gets in their way, and when all else fails, double back and start kissing alot of fucking ass.


  • I agree with Fox news….its goin to be an interesting convention in Tampa lol

  • … then you win!

  • About electability, do you have any sir?

  • Romney’s convention? Fuck you.

  • Did he mean to say Ron Paul’s convention????? Yes he did !!! lol