Ron Paul on Gay Marriage: None of the State’s Business

  • Damn, Ron Paul said exactly what I was thinking. He is the only true candidate that is competent enough to actually lead “We The People”!


  • Always trying to trick him, asking whom he would be voting for.. =P It’s not just a good answer to say Ron Paul, from (“my”)perspective he’s the only one to vote for!

  • looking ”forward” for RP2012

  • “I’m still disappointed that he is personally opposed to gay marriage”

    The difference with Dr. Paul is that he’s the only candidate that is able to separate his personal feelings in deference to the Constitution. He doesn’t have to agree with your lifestyle, so long as he respects the rule of law in limiting government’s interference with your personal choices. Ergo, he is the best choice you have.

  • “Business Alert” is the caption Fox News provided. It’s the most misleading caption I’ve ever seen.


    Obama is mimicking Ron Paul for votes. Not just on this issue. Don’t buy it again. No change and all hope gone with Obama.. Vote Ron Paul for honesty and wisdom.

    “I am convinced that there are more threats to American liberty within the 10 mile radius of my office on Capitol Hill than there are on the rest of the globe.” — Ron Paul

    • Surfisher

      Regarding the NC, WV and Indiana elections:

      R. Belcher makes this valid point!

      “Santorum and Gingrich will be on most if not all of the remaining ballots and people are still voting for them. Paul came in second in all three contests but Santorum was very close in all three states.

      More importantly, I don’t see how this is net positive for Romney. He got mid 60’s in all three states. I believe NC was his worst performance. About 20% of Republican voters voted for candidates that have left the race and endorsed Romney. Another 10% voted for Paul and these are the least likely to vote for Romney in November.

      I didn’t confirm this, but I saw where someone said that Romney is doing worse than McCain at this stage.

      Looked at another way, Romney only did slightly better in NC than he did in VA. If you just compare those two states I would say that last night was a complete disaster for Romney, that he’s gained absolutely zero ground in uniting the party.”

  • Yeah, that question’s was old and tired month’s ago.

  • 1:42. If the LGBT community want to have their rights they need to vote for Dr. Paul. Period. He has his beliefs but he will not place them on you. That is TRUE freedom.

  • Wow. Dr. Paul is so amazing. He really fights for freedom.

  • It’s more smoke and mirrors from Obozo — gotta pull focus from all his unconstitutional shenanigans.

  • Pick your battles my friend. You’re not going to find anyone to vote for running for president atm that has NO PROBLEM with being gay. Obama as well would still state he personally believes marriage should be between a man and a woman. At least Ron Paul one ups him and doesn’t think government should have the authority to give or take away the right of people to marry whoever they want and however they want.

  • ron paul or ron paul PERIOD!

  • the middle path is always the correct path. We havent had the chance to put a man like Buddha into office for well over a hundred and fifty years im willing to bet. not a coincedence that he comes along now, at the hour of our most dire need.

  • same fucking question all the time. “Will you run for third party?”, RE: “I haven’t decided yet””Will you run for third party?”, RE: “I haven’t decided yet””Will you run for third party?”, RE: “I haven’t decided yet””Will you run for third party?”, RE: “I haven’t decided yet”……

  • damn right. respect there at the end. fox is catching on

  • Obama is just doing anything to get votes, no different from 2008. nothing but lies.

  • Only, Ron Paul 2012!!!

  • his laugh cures cancers in babies

  • Obama Pro, Romney Against, RON PAUL “not my business”!!! We can always expect wisdom from Ron Paul, You have earned my respect sir!

  • RP is the man