Ron Paul Wins 11 States, Establishment Media Remains Silent




  • Ron Paul will work for YOU and Romney will not. The proof.

    The HOMES of Romney, Gingrich Santorum, and President RON PAUL!

  • Ron Paul will never need to throw his endorsement to Romney for the simple fact Ron Paul is going to Win. Their are far more civil RP supporters that are true-blue to the cause and not flip-floppers we will stand our ground and we will always defend what is right.

  • And he also brought to my attention the amazing plant Industrial Hemp. It is the biggest conspiracy in the world. So many in power do not want this plant in the hands of the people. The fact that Dr. Paul promotes it tells me he has this countries best interest in mind.

  • Excuse me I meant to say 08. I found out about Dr. Paul in 04.

  • I am in the military. If Dr. Paul does not win I will ETS and give up my american citizenship. I had a mental breakdown when he did not win in 04. I will not let that happen again. I will remove myself from this country. I love it here but I will not live here if Dr. Paul is not president. I will not serve this country anymore if Dr. Paul is not president. I told my NCO this. He said I am crazy but he is not even voting. : / Good thing us military use the right we put our lives on the line for

  • yes! if he doesn’t win, send him down under,

  • TPTB SELECT presidents. If those guys want Obombya BACK then he’ll be back. Case closed.

  • The only reason why Romney is not attacking Ron Paul is not because he has nothing to attack him about, but because he doesn’t want to put Ron Paul’s name on the spotlight. By not attacking him, he is mentioned less. By attacking him, he is forcing the media to cover him and admitting that he is a threat. So in a way, I do hope Romney attacks Ron Paul.


  • “Nooo.. Ron Paul hasn’t won any states. Shhhh!”~media


  • woohooo…made my day 🙂

  • Ron paul supporters check this out and spread it:
    hangthebankers. com/ron-pauls-mega-crowds-no-media-coverage/

  • Problem is, “THEY” count the votes

  • DR RON PAUL 2012

  • A heartfelt thankyou to Ron Paul and his supporters from the UK. RP’s policies and your support will effect worldwide politics.

  • The real #1 is Ron Paul